Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. Royal Enfield. (only pre-1945 here)
1899-1970, ? Co., Redditch, England.
Royal Enfield WD/RE "Flying Flea", 1942-1944, 1-cyl. 2-stroke 126cc, 2,6hp, military version
Royal Enfield RE "Flying Flea", 1939-1941, 1-cyl. 2-stroke 126cc, 2,6hp, (32k, 1941)
Royal Enfield Z "Cycar", 1932-1934-?, 1-cyl. 2-stroke 148cc, ?hp, box-type frame
Royal Enfield T, 1934-19??, 1-cyl. OHV 148cc, ?hp, sloper
Royal Enfield X, 1933-19??, 1-cyl. 2-stroke 148cc, ?hp, tubular frame
Royal Enfield A, 1938-19??, 1-cyl. 2-stroke 225cc, ?hp
Royal Enfield SF, 1939-19??, 1-cyl. OHV? 248cc, ?hp, vertical
Royal Enfield S2, 1931-1937, 1-cyl. OHV 248cc, 11hp, sloper
Royal Enfield Bullet, 1932-19??, 1-cyl. OHV 248cc, ?hp
Royal Enfield Bullet, 1943-194?, 1-cyl. OHV 346cc, ?hp
Royal Enfield Bullet, 1932-19??, 1-cyl. OHV 346cc, ?hp
Royal Enfield WD/CO, 194?-194?, 1-cyl. OHV 346cc, 13,5hp, military
Royal Enfield WD/CO/B, 194?-194?, 1-cyl. OHV 346cc, 13,5hp, military, with Burman gearbox
Royal Enfield WD/C, 1940-194?, 1-cyl. SV 346cc, 9,5hp, vertical, military
Royal Enfield G, 1936-1939-?, 1-cyl. OHV 346cc, 18hp, vertical
Royal Enfield C, 1936-19??, 1-cyl. SV? 346cc, ?hp, vertical
Royal Enfield C, 1930-1935, 1-cyl. SV 346cc, 10hp, vertical
Royal Enfield G, 1931-1935, 1-cyl. OHV 346cc, 16hp, sloper
Royal Enfield Ruby Super Sports, 1933-19??, 1-cyl. 346cc Villiers, ?hp, sloper
Royal Enfield LO, 1935-19??, 1-cyl. OHV 488cc, ?hp, sloper
Royal Enfield J, 1928-1935, 1-cyl. OHV 488cc, 20hp, sloper (29k, 1930)
Royal Enfield H, 1931-1935, 1-cyl. SV 488cc, 14hp, sloper
Royal Enfield Bullet, 1932-19??, 1-cyl. OHV 488cc, ?hp, 4 valves
Royal Enfield HAL31, 1931-19??, 1-cyl. SV 488cc, ?hp, sloper (25k)
Royal Enfield LF, 1934-19??, 1-cyl. OHV 488cc, ?hp, 4 valves
Royal Enfield WD/J2, 1941-194?, 1-cyl. OHV 499cc, ?hp, vertical, military (13k 1941)
Royal Enfield H, 1936-1937, 1-cyl. SV 499cc, 14hp, vertical
Royal Enfield J2, 1936-1938, 1-cyl. OHV 499cc, ?hp, vertical?, 2 exhaust pipes
Royal Enfield JF, 1936-1937, 1-cyl. OHV 499cc, 25hp, vertical, 4 valves
Royal Enfield Competition, 1937-193?, 1-cyl. OHV? 499cc, 14hp, vertical
Royal Enfield J, 1936-19??, 1-cyl. OHV 499?cc, ?hp, vertical (109k b/w picture)
Royal Enfield 570, 1931-1935, 1-cyl. SV 570cc, 15hp, sloper
Royal Enfield K, 1931-1937, V2-cyl. SV 976cc, 22hp (50k 1931)
Royal Enfield K Export model, 1933-1937-?, V2-cyl. SV? 1140cc, 30hp
Royal Enfield ? model, post-war photo from family album of Bohdan Bobrowski, Gdansk, Poland (Strona domowa Bohdana Bobrowskiego). Jan Bobrowski is on the 26k b/w photo.
Royal Enfield A, 1931-193?, 1-cyl. 2-stroke 225cc, ?hp, sloper
Royal Enfield JF, 1931-193?, 1-cyl. OHV 488cc, ?hp, 4 valves
Royal Enfield 350T, 1928-1930, 1-cyl. SV 346cc, 8hp, vertical
Royal Enfield 350S, 1928-1930, 1-cyl. OHV 346cc, 15hp, vertical
Royal Enfield 500T, 1928-1930, 1-cyl. SV 488cc, 12hp, vertical
Royal Enfield 500S, 1929-1930, 1-cyl. OHV 488cc, 20hp, vertical
Royal Enfield F, 1930-19??, 1-cyl. SV 346cc, ?hp, sloper
Royal Enfield J, ?-1930?-?, 1-cyl. OHV 498cc, ?hp
Royal Enfield 1000SV, 1929, V2-cyl. SV, ?hp (20k)
Royal Enfield 500, 1928, 1-cyl. OHV 488cc, ?hp (34k)
Royal Enfield twin-port OHV, 1926, 1-cyl. OHV ?cc, ?hp (37k)
Royal Enfield RE201, 1923, 1-cyl. 225cc, ?hp (40k b/w)
Royal Enfield model 200, 1914-1921, 1-cyl. 2-stroke 225cc, 21/4hp (25k, 1921)
Royal Enfield ? model, 1913, ?-cyl. ?cc, ?hp (64k)
Photos and data are from:
"Internationale Motorrad-Typenschau 1928-1944" by Dr. Ing. Gerhard Seidel, WK-Verlag, Bad Salzuflen.
Thumper photo album (this site changed its address, and I lost it).
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Verralls (Handcross) Ltd. (England).
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