Oldtimer gallery. Motorcycles. Pre-1932 USSR makes. Rossija.
1899-1903-?, Fabrika velosipedov Alexander Leutner & Co., Riga. Russia.

Rossija with Fafnir (Kudel?) motor, ?-1901-1903-?, 65k photo (1903) and 44k photo (1901)
Rossija tricycle, license of De Dion, 1899-1902-?

Photos and data are from:
"Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia.
"Motocykly" by A.E.Vorontsov, Moscow, Viktorija-AST, 1997.
"Motociclismo" magazine, 1990, Italy.
Thanks for help to Michele Cuoccio, Italy.
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