Oldtimer gallery. Cars. Rosengart (only pre-1945 here).
1928-1940, 1945-1955, Rosengart, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

Rosengart Vivor, 1945, ?-cyl.-?cc-?hp
Rosengart Robor, 1945, ?-cyl.-?cc-?hp
Rosengart Supertraction LR539, 1939-1940, 4-cyl.-1898cc-58hp, 8k photo
Rosengart LR4Ri, 1939-1940, 4-cyl.-?cc-?hp, 4-speed, independent front suspension, 26k photo
Rosengart LR4N2 (Super 5), 1936-1938-1939, 4-cyl.-747cc-19hp
Rosengart LR4N2A, 1936, 4-cyl.-?cc-?hp, 3-speed
Rosengart SuperSept LR70, 1937-1939, 6-cyl.-?cc-?hp
Rosengart Supertraction LR538, 1938, 4-cyl.-?cc-?hp, 65k photo of 2-door cabriolet
Rosengart Supertraction II LR505, 1935-1937, ?-cyl.-?cc-?hp
Rosengart LR145 (10CV), 1935-1937, ?-cyl.-?cc-?hp
Rosengart Supertraction LR500 (9CV), 1932-1935, 4-cyl.-1645cc-50hp (Adler Trumpf Jupiter), 46k photo
Rosengart LR62 (6CV), 1932-1935, 6-cyl.-?cc-?hp
Rosengart LR47, 1932-1935, 4-cyl.-747cc-?hp, 50k photo, 28k late model
Rosengart LR6, 1932-1935, ?-cyl.-?cc-?hp, 55k photo
Rosengart LR64, 1933-1935, ?-cyl.-?cc-?hp, 17k photo
Rosengart LR45, 1933-1935, 4-cyl.-747cc-?hp
Rosengart LR49, 1933-1935, 4-cyl.-747cc-?hp, 31k b/w photo of 2-door coupe
Rosengart LR63, 1933-1935, ?-cyl.-?cc-?hp
Rosengart LR130 (8CV), 1934-1935, ?-cyl.-?cc-?hp
Rosengart LR135 (8CV), 1934-1935, ?-cyl.-?cc-?hp
Rosengart LR4, 1931-1934, 4-cyl.-747cc-?hp, 39k photo (1934)
Rosengart LR44, 1933-1934, 4-cyl.-747cc-14hp, 35k and 32k photo of 4-door cabriolet, 21k photo of berline
Rosengart LR2 (5CV), 1928-1933, 4-cyl.-747cc-10hp
Rosengart LR65, 1932, ?-cyl.-?cc-?hp
Photos and data are from:
Denis Orlov, automobile journalist and historian, Moscow,
"Oldtimer Markt" magazine, Germany,
eBay, Germany.
eBay, France.
Le club L. Rosengart France (for sale page).

What else in the net:
Rosengart-Automobile (in German/French/English), homepage of Udo Pfeiffer (Germany).
Le club L. Rosengart France (in French).

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