Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. Rock-Ola scooter.
1938 (- 1940?), Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corp., Chicago, Illinois, USA.
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1938 Rock-ola, 4-stroke aircooled 1-cyl., 1hp, ? cu.in. (?cc), 30mph
  Rock-Ola RMS-45-38 Tourist, less front suspension, $109.50
  Rock-Ola RMS-46-38 De Luxe, front suspension, $139.50
  Rock-Ola RMS-52-38 Floating Ride, floating ride =), front suspension, $179.50
  Rock-Ola RMS-56-38 Tri-Wheel special delivery, 500 lbs (227 kg), floating ride, $248.50
    Rock-Ola De Luxe, 293k patent, 122k poster, 42k photo
    Rock-Ola Floating Ride and Tri-Wheel, 92k poster (VIII 1938), 36k poster
    Rock-Ola Tri-Wheel, 63k poster
    Rock-Ola Tourist and De Luxe, 35k poster
    Rock-Ola units, 38k poster
    Rock-Ola, 26k booklet

Some sources say of 1939-1940 production, but I met only 1938 mentions and documents.

Photos and data are from:
Author's archive
"Popular Mechanics" magazine, VIII 1938.
Justacarguy blog
HiFi Archiv.

Thanks for help to Jevgenii Pevzner, motorcycle historian, Moskva, Rossija.
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