Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. Ranger (scooters).
1939-1941, Mead Cycle Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
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Scooters (series numbers are mine)

Series 3 (1940 model), late 1939 - V 1941 - ?:
2-speed, 11/2 - 21/2 hp, 30-35 mph
DeLuxe has front fork springs and larger seat
Ranger Standard solo, 47k poster
Ranger DeLuxe solo, 68k poster
Ranger DeLuxe tandem, 63k and 46k poster,
Ranger Standard carrier, 53k poster
Ranger sidecar, 2k poster
Ranger power unit for bicycle, 11/2 hp, Briggs & Stratton motor, 324k poster
Series 2, ? - VII 1939 - III 1940 - ?, clone of 1939 Moto-Scoot:
Ranger solo, 2-speed, 11/2 - 21/2 hp, 30-35 mph, 28k poster (DeLuxe), 91k photo (Standard, less front suspension)
Ranger tandem
Ranger delivery
Ranger sidecar, 3k poster
Ranger trailer (special hook to be trailed by car)
Ranger 3-wheel miniature auto, clone of Moto-Kar
Series 1, III 1939 - IV 1939 - ?, clone of 1938-1939 Moto-Scoot:
Ranger solo, 2-speed, 48k poster
Ranger tandem
Ranger delivery
Ranger 3-wheel miniature car, clone of Moto-Kar

Bicycles (only pre-1945 here)
1898-1954, Mead Cycle Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
1897-1898, Mead & Prentiss, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
1889-1897, The Mead Cycle Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
  ?-1913-1940-?, Mead Cycle Company, Birmingham, England.
  ?-1904-1908-?, Mead Cycle Company, Liverpool, England.
Ranger advertising, Chicago Railway Station, 1910's, 135k photo

1940's Ranger bicycle badge, 24k photo
1940 Ranger bicycle badge, England, 82k photo
1940 Ranger and Pathfinder, 147k poster
1939-1940 Ranger bicycle with power unit, 11/2 hp, Briggs and Stratton motor, 324k 1939 poster
1936 Ranger Ace and Sentinel, 177k poster
1935 Ranger Ace and Sentinel, 61k poster
1934 Ranger Ace and Sentinel, 81k poster
1933 Ranger Ace and Sentinel, 112k poster
1932 Ranger Motorbike and Sentinel, 313k poster
1931 Ranger Motorbike, Junior Motorbike and Double Bar, 362k poster
1931 Ranger Sport and Ladies' Ranger, 247k poster
1931 Ranger Motorbike and Sentinel, 144k poster
1930 Ranger Motorbike, 154k poster
1929 Ranger Motorbike, 107k poster
1924? Ranger and Cossack, =) 43k poster
1923 Price list, 96k
1923 Ranger Motorbike and Scout, 161k poster
1923 Ranger Motorbike and others, 129k poster
1923 Ranger Cossack, 56k poster
1922 Price list, 88k
1922 Ranger Motorbike, 403k poster
1922 Ranger Motorbike and Scout, 226k poster
1922 Ranger Racer, Roadster and Ladies' Ranger, 225k poster
1922 Ranger Superbe and Arch-Frame, 215k poster
1922 Crusader and Sentinel, 110k poster
1922 Cossack, 40k poster
1921 Price list, 113k
1921 Ranger Arch-Frame and Superbe, 365k poster
1921 Ranger Motorbike, 338k poster
1921 Crusader, Ranger Racer and Sentinel, 317k poster
1920 Price list, 42k
1920 Ranger Arch-Frame and Superbe, 200k poster
1920 Ranger Roadster, Scout and Ladies' Superbe, 196k poster
1920 Prince, Princess, Magnet for boys and girls, 190k poster
1920 Pathfinder Model A and Pathfinder Motorbike, 177k poster
1920 Crusader, Ranger Racer and Sentinel, 147k poster
1920 Ranger Motorbike, 84k poster
1920 Certificate of Guarantee, 210k and 207k reverse
1918 Ranger Motorbike, 61k poster
1917 Ranger Motorbike, 307k poster
1917 Ranger Superbe, Arch-Frame, Motorbike and Ladies' Superbe, 185k poster
1916 Ranger, 181k poster
1915 Ranger Coaster-Brake Special, 351k poster
1915 Windsor and Sentinel, 230k poster
1915 Prince and Princess, 223k poster
1915 Ranger Superbe, 123k poster
1914 Price list, 59k
1914 Ranger Superbe, Double-Bar Frame and data of Coaster-Brake Special, 123k poster
1914 Prince and Princess, 184k poster
1914 Windsor, 148k poster
1914 Ranger Coaster-Brake Special, 120k poster
1914 Ladies' Ranger, 111k poster
1912 Letter with price list, 269k
1912 Ranger Coaster-Brake Special, 34k poster
1912 ? Model, 72k 1911 poster
1910 ? Model, 74k poster
1909 Letter with price list, 323k
1909 ? Model, 85k poster
1908 ? Model (Liverpool), 160k poster
1906 Letter with price list, 384k
1906 Ranger Roadster, 379k poster
1906 Sentinel Road Racer, 348k poster
1906 Sentinel Standard, 323k poster
1906 Ranger Coaster-Brake Special, 270k poster
1906 Ladies' Ranger, 53k poster
1905 ? Model, 139k poster
1902 ? Model, 102k poster
1900 Mead Cycle Co. catalogue contains both own and outside models.
  1900 Siberian, 315k poster
  1900 Argonaut Road Racer (and Ladies'), 131k poster
  1900 Kennebec Special (and Ladies'), 130k poster
  1900 Kennebec Special text data, 227k poster
  1900 ? Model, 68k poster
    Montrose (I haven't picture)
  1900 Cossack, 387k poster
  1900 Neudorf (and Newport), 321k poster
  1900 Bellise, 305k poster
1898 Mead & Prentiss letter with price list, 179k
1897 Mead & Prentiss letter with price list, 173k
1897 Mead & Prentiss catalogue contains both own and outside models.
  1897 Ladies' "Putnam" and "Roanoke", 127k poster
  1897 Ladies' "Roanoke" and "Putnam", 125k poster
    Ranger (I haven't picture)
    Monitor, Models A and B (I haven't picture)
  1897 "Chicago", 159k poster
  1897 Ladies' "Chicago", 151k poster
1897 The Mead Cycle Co. letter with price list, 176k

Photos and data are from:
Author's archive
The Popular Mechanics magazine, 1939, 1917
The Popular Science magazine, 1939
eBay Ireland
Dave's Vintage Bicycles
The American Magazine, 1918
cook, eat and sleep
Volo Auto Museum.

Thanks for help to Jevgenii Pevzner, motorcycle historian, Moskva, Rossija.
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