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1938-1945 Böhmisch-Mährische Maschinenfabrik, Prague, Protektorat Böhmen-Mähren.
1909-1938 Ceskomoravska-Kolben-Danek akc. spol., automobilka Praga, Prague, Czechoslovakia.

After the war production was continued until 1964, when Praga V3S production was moved to another factory.
Praga RN, 1939-1953, 4x2 3-ton truck, 6-cyl, 3500cc, 70hp, ? built, 72k b/w photo
Praga RV, RVR, 1935-1940, 6x4 2-ton truck, 6-cyl., 3468cc, 68hp, 5500 built
Praga RN(D), 1934-1939?, 4x2 3-ton truck, petrol 6-cyl, ? built, RND - with 4-cyl. Diesel engine
Praga Piccolo P-31 pickup, 1939, 57k photo, restored by I.Sakal from Ceske Budejovice, see also Praga-Piccolo P-31
Praga NDO, 1939, 4x2 bus, ?cc, ?hp, ? built, 21k b/w photo and another bus (29k)
Praga ND, 19??, 4x2 7-ton truck, 6-cyl, ?cc, ?hp, ? built, 52k b/w photo of gas producer truck
Praga SND, 1939, ?, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Praga-Piccolo P-34 van, 1938, 21k photo
Praga-Lady ambulance, 1938, 20k photo
Praga TOV, 1938, 3-axle bus, ?cc, ?hp, ? built, 32k b/w photo
Praga ND, 1938, 4x2 7-ton truck, 6-cyl, ?cc, 110hp, ? built, 19k b/w photo
Praga AN-6, 1937-193?, 4x2 2-ton truck, 6-cyl, 2493cc, 40hp, ? built, 87k military, 48k police
Praga AN-4, 1934-1937?, 4x2 2-ton truck, 4-cyl, ? built
Praga TO, 1936, 3-axle bus, 11500cc, 120hp, ? built, 11k b/w photo
Praga ? model, 1936, 3-axle trolleybus, ?hp, ? built, 27k b/w photo
Praga-Piccolo 21 pickup, 1933, 4-cyl 1447cc 30hp, 90k photo, restored by Z.Andrs from Jablonec
Praga LN, 1932, 4x2 1-ton truck, ambulance, stomatology, 4-cyl, 1500cc, 25hp, ? built, 18k photo
Praga L, 193?-193?, 4x2 3-ton truck, ? built
Praga N, 193?-193?, 4x2 5-ton truck, ? built

Praga T-VI SS, 1944, heavy tractor, 6-cyl. OHV, 7754cc, 110hp, ? built, 86k b/w photo
Praga T-VI, 1936, heavy tractor, ?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, ? built, 8k b/w photo
Praga T-VI (?), ?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, 10k WW2 photo
Praga T-V, 19??, heavy tractor, ?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, ? built, 7k b/w photo
Praga T-IV, 19??, heavy tractor, ?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, ? built, 8k b/w photo
Praga T-III, 19??, medium tractor, ?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, ? built, 32k and 12k b/w photos

Pre-1932 trucks:
Praga Piccolo, 19??, 4x2 pickup, 110k and 102k b/w photos from Miroslav Kolar, Czech Republic.
Praga N serie IV, 1924, 4x2 truck, 6-cyl., 6080cc, 55hp, ? built, 96k photo of 1937 38m fire ladder by Metz, Germany, kept by E.Prihoda, Prague.

Post-1945 trucks:
Praga V3S, 1953-1964-1991, 6x4 2-ton truck, 6-cyl., 7412cc, 98hp, ? built, 83k photo

Photos are from:
2 photos - ND gas producer truck and AN police bus (rear view) - I don't remember how these pictures appeared in my hands. If you can say, please let me know. Sorry.
"Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia
Official site of Praga.
Article by lieutenant-colonel Jiri Hasek on the Official site of Praga,
Veteran Bazar & Museum
Bart Vanderveen's book "Historic Military Vehicles Directory", an "After the battle" publication, 1989
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eBay Deutschland.

What else in Internet:
Official site of Praga.
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