Oldtimer gallery. Passenger cars of pre-1932 makes, USSR and Russia.

AMO, 1916-1919, Avtomobilnyi Moskovskii Zavod akcionernogo obschestva "Kuznetsov, Rjabushinskii i Ko.", Moscow. Founded in 1916.
       In 1916 750 light trucks and 750 light staff cars of FIAT 15-Ter (I) type ordered. Assembly from Italian parts has been reached only.
Axai, 1903-1904, Akcionernoe Obschestvo "Axai", 20 built (like Oldsmobil Curvdash), in Nahichevan-na-Donu (main office in Rostov-na-Donu)
Becos (British Equipment Company of Siberia), ?-1919-?, in Mytishchi, Moscow region
(Ivan) Breitigam, ?-? (before 1917), only bodies, in Sankt-Peterburg
Bromley, 1901-1909 Parohodostrojitel地yi, kotel地yi i mashinostrojitel地yj zavod N.E. Bromley, 1909-1917 "Brat'ja Bromley", Moscow, few Darracq (F) licenced cars built, 78k b/w photo of the factory and 32k old poster, courtesy of Stanislav Kiriletz
BTAZ Nr.1, 8 X 1922 - 1923, 8 built, in Fili, Kuntsevo district of Moscow region (former assembly plant of Russo-Balt in Moscow)
BTAZ Nr.2, ?-1926, 22 (or 14?) built, in Moscow, in 1928-1930 built bodies for N.A.M.I. - 1 (chassis photo)
Chepurin, 1914 or 1915, Parohodostrojitel'nyi zavod I.P. Chepurina, Blagoveschensk. One car of Mille (D) Model 6/20 PS built.
Dux, Duxmobil, 1901-1909?, Akcionernoe obschestvo "Dux" Ju. A. Mellera. Moscow. Founded in 1895. De Dion-Bouton (F) type cars, in 1902 - Dux Paromobil steamcar, like Locomobile (US), later - electromobiles of Benz (D) type. In 1904-1906 big batch of Duxmobil (Oldsmobil Curvdash (US) type). In 1909 - 1 3-wheeler designed by A.A. Basilevskii, by system of Phänomobil (D).
Feitelberg, 1904-1907, Torgovyi Dom E. Feitelberg, Riga. Few cars assembled from parts of Ultramobil (D) (like Oldsmobil Curvdash).
Filippov, 1913, Moscow, 1 built
Frese, 1899-1909-?, Akcionernoe obschestvo postroiki i ekspluataciji avtomobilej "Frese i Ko.". Based in 1873. Participated in building Jakovlev and Romanov cars, since 1900 serial production of own electromobiles, since 1901 + petrol automobiles of De Dion-Bouton (F) type. In 1902 - 1st Russian trolleybus of Lombard-Gerrain (F) type, but with Schulenburg (RUS) electromotor. 200 cars, trucks, special automobiles, buses built before 1909. Since 1910 - branch of RBVZ, only body production on chassis of Germain (B), Minerva (B), Renault (F), Clement-Bayard (F) and Russo-Baltique (RUS).
Iljin (Russo-Buire), 1904-1912, Ekipazhnaya Fabrika P. Iljin. Moscow. Founded in 1805. In 1904 few Oldsmobil Curvdash (US) type cars built, in 1909-1912 assembled Russo-Buire cars from La Buire (F) parts. Well known by bodies on Berliet (F), La Buire (F), De Dietrich (D), FIAT (I), Humber (GB), Mercedes (D), Argus (D), Panhard-Levassor (F). In 1918 built steamers of Fowler (GB) type.
International, 1903-1904, Bol痴hoj Mezhdunarodnyj Garazh Avtomobilej M.A. Nakashidze, Warszawa. In 1903-1904 built few Mutel (F) type cars and buses. Trader of imported Panhard-Levassor (F).
Jakovlev (Jakovlev i Frese) (Jakovlev i Lidtke), 1896 Mashinostrojitel'nyi, Chugunno- i Medno-liteinyi Zavod E.A. Jakovleva, 1902 Tovarischestvo Zavoda Jakovleva, St. Petersburg. In 1896 built 1st Russian petrol car of Benz Velo-Duce (D) type, body by Frese. In 1902 - attempt to renew car production with Lidtke company. At least one car of Georges Richard (F) type built.
Jakovlev, ?-1907-1910-?, Kuzovnaya Fabrika P.D. Jakovleva, built bodies on Austin (GB), Renault (F), Brasier (F) chassis.
Jushkov, 1915 and 19??. Engineer I.A. Jushkov built own construction 3-wheeler aeromobile with propeller in 1915 (in 1920's similar Leyat (F) appeared), then motor plough and light cyclecar like Bedelia (F).
Korvensuu, 1913, 1 built
Kulak, 1910, Engineer Kulak, Smolensk, 1 built
Kuz知in, 1900, A.V. Kuzmin, St. Petersburg. Possibly only 1 built,
Lebed', 1917, Jaroslavskii Avtomobil'nyi Zavod Akcionernogo Obschestva Vozduhoplavanija V.A. Lebedev. Founded in 1916 to built Crossley (GB) staff cars and ambulances, but only assembled a few from imported parts.
Lessner (Daimler Loutzki), 1904-1906-1909, 6-7 tens built, Akcionernoje Obschestvo Mashinostrojitel地ogo i Kotel地ogo Zavoda G.A. Lessner (Sankt-Peterburg). Since 1904 - German chassis with Russian motors, since 1906 - own cars, all the bodies by firma Ivan Breutigam.
Leutner (Leutner-Dion, Leutner-Ultramobil, Rossija, Leutner Büssing), 1901-1908?, 7 built. Leutner & Co.. Riga. Since 1901 small production of De Dion-Bouton (F) type cars with Cudell (D) motors, later - with Fafnir (D) motors, copies of Ultramobil (D) have been assembled by licence of Oldsmobile (US).
Lidtke, (Union), 1901-1902. Fabrika Velosipedov i Avtomobilei 填nion E. L. Lidtke. St. Peterburg. Built few cars of Georges Richard (F) type under trademark Union and Richard-Union.
Lindström (Korvensuu), 1913. Engineer Franz Lindström built 1 Korvensuu car of own design in Helsingfors (Helsinki) at Kone & Sahkötehdas OY.
Materikin (Samokat). Masterskaya P.V. Rodzianko i F.S. Materikin. St.Petersburg. In 1905 Materikin built universal set of motor and transmission for conversion of usual carriages to cars by patent of firma R. Hagen (D). Trademark -"Samokat.
M.M.E., 1914. Engineer E-v (complete name unknown) built sport car with motor of Laurin & Klement (A) and gearbox Berliet (F).
Oldenburgskii, 1902. Remeslennoje Uchilishche Prinza Oldenburgskogo. St. Petersburg. Built 1 steam automobile of Serpollet (F) type. Used for experiments.
Orjol (Hrushchov), 1909-1910, 2 or 5 built, in Oryol. Mashinostrojitel地yi Zavod M.M. Hrushchova. From 1903-engines of Munkteil (S) type, later agricultural mechanisms and tractors. In 1903 - own snowmobile (autosledge), in 1909-1910 - batch of Charron (F) cars.
Prombron, 1922-1926 (see BTAZ)
Puzanov (Bollee-Pusanov), 1901. M.P. Puzanov, St. Peterburg. Puzanov built trike of L駮n-Boll馥 (F) type under the name Boll馥-Puzanov.
Puzyrjov (RAZIPP), 1911-1914, 38 built. Russkii Avtomobil'nyi Zavod I.P. Puzyrjov, St. Peterburg. Cars of Case (US) and Hispano-Suiza (E) types.
Romanov (Romanov i Frese), 1899-1901. Engineer I.V. Romanov built 2 light electromobiles of Morris & Salom (US) types and 1 electrobus on Siemens & Halske (D) system. All the vehicles built on Frese factory in Sankt-Peterburg. Apparently the bus has been later rebuilt to trolleybus.
Rossija (see Leutner), 1901-1908?, 7 built
Russkij Austin (Putilov), 1917-1919. Putilovskii Zavod, St. Peterburg / Petrograd produced armoured bodies on Austin (GB) chassis, and supplied Kegresse (F) type half-tracks to automobiles.
Russo-Baltique (Russko-Baltijskij), VI 1909 - 1915 (in Riga, 581 built), ? - 15 I 1919 (in Petrograd, 51 built, half-track automobiles). Russko-Baltiiskii Vagonnyi Zavod (RBVZ). Since 1909 - Fondu (B) licenced automobiles of all types (cars, trucks, military, buses, racing, firetrucks, agricultural), later - own design. Chassis used for armoured, anti-aircraft automobiles and artillery target tow-trucks. On some sources 461 cars + 198 trucks built in sum (but the sum differs from upper numbers then), 64k old photo.
Semenovskij i Goch, 1910, 1 built under participance of Zavod Kale (in Oryol). Own design of inventors Semenovskii and Goch.
Skavronski, 1903. Fabrika Tokarnyh Stankov 鉄kavronski i Syn. St. Peterburg. 1 car of Rochet (F) type buitl with Aster (F) motor.
Starley-Psycho, 1901-1911. Akcionernoje Velosipednoje i Mehanicheskoje Obshchestvo 鉄tarley, fabrika velosipedov, avtomobilei i lodok 撤sycho. St. Peterburg. Found in 1895 (Starley Russia Ltd.), from 1898 built trikes and quads with motors De Dion-Bouton (F), Creanche (F), Clement (F). From 1901 - automobiles Starley-Psycho of Creanche (F), Bertran (F), De Boisse (F) types with motors Starley (RUS), De Dion-Bouton (F), Aster (F). In 1911 acquired by Promet Company.
Sverdlov, 1911. G-L- Sverdlov from St. Peterburg built 1 phaeton of own design.
Tikhonov, 1910. Engineer Z.A. Tikhonov from St. Peterburg built 1 car of own design.

Body tailor companies of pre-1917 Russia (for cars, special automobiles, firetrucks and armoured automobiles):
Ajokki. Helsingfors.
ANATRA. Odessa.
Butemot. Warzsawa.
Chelyshev. Mytishchi.
Ewans. Warzsawa.
Empede. Odessa.
Frese. St. Peterburg
Gamper. Sosnowec.
Izhorskij. St. Peterburg.
Iljin. Moskva.
Ivan Breutigam. St. Peterburg.
Jakovlev. St. Peterburg.
Jevsejev. Moskva.
Kiitokori. Tammerfors.
Konrad, 1916-?. "Fabrika karosseri Ju. Konrad (byvshaja K. Krümmel)", St. Peterburg.
Krylov. Moskva.
Krümmel, ?-1913-1916. "Fabrika karosseri i ekipazhei K. Krümmel", St. Peterburg.
Lilpop, Rau i Löwenstein. Warzsawa.
List. Moskva.
Mencel. Warzsawa.
Obukhovskij. St. Peterburg.
Promet. St. Peterburg.
Pobeda. St. Peterburg.
Putilov. St. Peterburg.
Rentel. Warszawa.
Rzewucki i Ska. Warzsawa.
Sergeev. St. Peterburg.
Stanislaw Trebicki. Warzsawa.
Stasiulevich. Odessa.
Subbotin. Moskva.
Wiima. Helsingfors.
Woicikiewicz. Lwow.
Photos are from:
Molotok.ru online auction, Russia.
Many facts are from the book Lev Shugurov "Avtomobili Rossiji i SSSR", Moscow, 1994.
Thanks a lot for unique materials to Stanislav Kiriletz (stanislav_kiriletz@gmx.de, kiriletz@web.de Homepage: http://www.kiriletz.de, Germany).
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