Oldtimer picture gallery. Motorcycles. Powell. Only pre-1945 here.
1939-1942, 1945-1952 (1967-1972), Powell Manufacturing Co., Compton, California, USA.
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1940-1942, 1945 Powell Aviate A-V-8, 4-stroke aircooled 1-cyl. 5hp 21,18 cu.in. (347,0cc), bore 31/16", stroke 27/8", 50mph
  1942 Electric starter model, 55k poster, 27k photo (Kick starter model also offered)
  1941 Kick starter model, 54k poster (Electric starter model also offered)
  1940 Kick starter model, 14k poster
1939-1942 Powell Streamliner, 4-stroke aircooled Lauson TLC217-7 motor, 1-cyl. 2,5hp ? cu.in. (?cc), 35mph
  1941 P-41 with front suspension, 37k photo of Constance Moore (12 II 1941)
  1941 P-41 less front suspension, 25k photo, 24k photo, 23k photo, 23k photo, 48k photo, 42k photo
  1940 P-40, 205k poster, 10k photo, 51k photo
  1939 P-39, 295k photo, 28k photo, 24k photo (tandem)

Photos and data are from:
Author's archive
Used and New Motorcycles for Sale
1939 Southern California
The Cabe

Thanks for help to Jevgenii Pevzner, motorcycle historian, Moskva, Rossija.
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