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70k photo of Peugeot 202UH camionette90k photo of Peugeot 202 N2Z berline
Peugeot 202
(data are for pre-war berline)
Years of production: 1938-1940?, late 1945-1949
Overall production: 62773 pre-war (104126 overall)
4x2 front engine rear wheeldrive car, chassis-less body
Body types: 4-door sunroof saloon (berline), 4-door sliding canvas
roof saloon (berline), all-steel station wagon (brake), pickup
(camionette), 2-door cabriolet, wooden station wagon, various.
Engine: water pump cooled 30hp/4000rpm straight 4-cyl. 4-stroke OHV, 1133cm3
Bore/Stroke: 68/78 mm
Compression ratio: 7 : 1
87k photo of Peugeot 202 N2Z berline25k photo of Peugeot 202 N2Z berlineLength: 4115mm, width: 1499mm, height: 1499mm
Wheelbase: 2451mm
Front wheeltrack: 1194mm, independent suspension
Rear track: 1194mm, inverted quarter elliptic leaf springs
Hydraulical dumpers
Road clearance: 170mm
Turning radius: 4,41m
Oil pump make: S.E.V.
Carburettor type: Solex 1AC
67k photo of Peugeot 202 N2Z berline1940 Peugeot 202 wooden brakeClutch: "Mecano", dry single plate
Gearbox: 3-speed, synchronized II and III
Ratios: I - 3,52, II - 1,71, III - 1,00, back - 4,44
Differential ratio: 5,25
Worm final drive
Steering mechanism: worm-sector
Brakes: hydraulical 4-wheel, Lockheed
Hand brakes: mechanical, 2-wheel
1940 Peugeot 202 wooden brake46k photo of 1939 Peugeot 202 berlineElectrics, make and voltage: "S.E.V.", 12 Volt
Battery capacity: 40 A*h
Generator type and power: Ducellier R3211 RSP 3 100 Watt
Spark plugs, type and dimension: AC (KD 7), 14mm
Weight, ready for run: 914kg (berline)
Maximal speed: 103 km/h
Tyre size: 155x400
Tyre pressures (atmospheres): front - 1,2; rear - 1,4
39k photo of Peugeot 202 N2Z berline39k photo of 1938 Peugeot 202 berlineFuel consumption: 8,3 Ltr./100km, norm - 9 Ltr./100km
Fuel tank capacity: 45 Ltr.
Cooling system capacity: 8,5 Ltr.
Oil capacities: engine carter - 4 Ltr., gearbox - 0,6 Ltr.
Price: ?
Rear view of berline here is not very correct. Look between spare
wheel and rear window. There is well visible welded strip with rounded ends. There was special niche for registration plate with
two plate lamps on the sides, covered by glass on the level of environmental body lines. This pictured black berline with red
26k photo of 1939 Peugeot 202 cabriolet1940 Peugeot 202 wooden brakeinterior is not very original car.

Sources of photos:
Brigitte, secretary of C.A.R. - Club der Anhänger alter Renault, Wien, Austria.
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Thanks for help to Jan Szatan, Poland, (this is link to his interesting site).
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