Oldtimer gallery. Cars. USA pre-1932 makes. Overland.
1903-1927, Overland Automobile Co., Ohio, USA.

1926 Overland 93, phaeton, 6-cyl (13k photo)
1925 Overland 93, 2-door sedan, 6-cyl. (17k photo)
1924 Overland 91, phaeton, 4-cyl. (11k photo)
1924 Overland 91, opera coupe, 4-cyl. (8k photo)
1922 Overland model 4, rumbleseat roadster, 4-cyl. (58k photo)
1917 Overland 85, touring, 6-cyl. (100k photo)
1917 Overland B90, touring, 4-cyl. (91k photo)
1917 Overland 85(?), country club roadster (25k photo)
1914 Overland 79 (22k photo)
1912 Overland 59(?), roadster (27k photo)
1912 Overland 59, touring (14k photo)
What else in the net:
Willys Overland Knight Registry (in English) - Everything about Overland and sleeve-valves cars before 1942, pages by Paul Young, Australia.

Photos are from:
Antique Autos Online,
Hemmings Motor News,
Trader Online,
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Joe Savoy (Automotive Mascots and Moto Meters, Victoria, B.C., Canada), this 1914 car belongs to Bob Miller.
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