Oldtimer picture gallery. Trucks. Morris-Commercial (only pre-1945 here).
1952-1984, part of the British Motor Corporation, UK.
1919-1952, Morris Motors Ltd., Cowley, Oxford, England.
1932-1952, Morris Commercial Cars Ltd., Adderley Park, Birmingham, England.
1924-1932, Morris Commercial Cars Ltd., Soho, Birmingham, England.
1913-1919, W.R.M.Motors Ltd., Cowley, Oxford, England.
?-1930-?, N.V. Morris' Automobielfabrieken, Delft, The Netherlands.
Morris Series Z, 1939-1954, 4x2 5-cwt (0,25-ton) van, 4-cyl. SV 918cc, 29,6 hp, over 51000 built, 16k photo
Morris-Commercial PV, 1939-1953, 4x2 ?-ton forward-control van, ?cc, ?hp, ? built, 7k photo
Morris Series Y, 1939-1949, 4x2 8/10-cwt (0,4/0,5-ton) van, truck, 4-cyl. SV 1547cc, 11,97 tax hp, ? built, 19k photo (1948)
Morris Series Y, 1940-1945, 4x2 ambulance, 4-cyl. SV 1802cc, 13,94 tax hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial LC, 1937-1940, ?-1948, 4x2 15/35 cwt (0,75/1,75-ton) normal-control truck, 2050cc OHV, 15,9hp tax hp, ? built, 63k WW2 photo of Morris LC3 truck
Morris-Commercial CV, 1937-1940, ?-1948, 4x2 30-70-cwt (1,5...5-ton), forward- or normal-control truck, 6-cyl. ?cc, 25 tax hp or 4-cyl. 3519cc, 24,8 tax hp, ? built:
  20k normal-control board truck, 73k normal-control van, 30k forward-control, 38k 1938 Merryweather fire-truck
  models: CV 11/30, CV 11/40, CV 10/5, CVF 13/5 5-ton short and long wheelbase, ...
Morris 10 Series M, 1940-1945, 4x2 light utility, 10 tax hp, over 8000 built, 20k photo
Morris-Commercial C4 (CS8), 1934-1944, 4x2 15-cwt (0,75-ton) truck, 4-cyl. SV 3519cc 70 hp (6-cyl. 3485cc, 60 hp), ? built:
  GS van, 48k WW2 photo, 92k rear view, 50k rebuilt by the Germans, all - early versions
  tank truck, early version, 33k WW2 photo, 27k rear view
  Morris-Commercial GS truck, late model, 11k WW2 photo
  Morris-Commercial CS8 German telephone line builder, late model, 41k WW2 photo, Norway
  German artillery tractor, 61k WW2 photo
  wooden van, 54k WW2 photo (on the right)
Morris-Commercial C8, 1939-1944-?, 4x4 15-cwt (0,75-ton) truck, 4-cyl. SV 3494cc 64 hp or 3519cc 70 hp, appr. 10500 built:
  Morris-Commercial C8/GB radiomobile, late 1944, 33k photo (500 built)
  Morris-Commercial C8/FAT Mk I, 1939, 9k photo (appr. 4000 built Mk I + Mk II), 47k rear view
  Morris-Commercial C8/FAT Mk II, 1939-1940, 49k photo (appr. 4000 built Mk I + Mk II), 28k rear view
  Morris-Commercial C8/FAT (Field Artillery Tractor) Mk III, 1940-1944, 21k photo (over 6000 built incl. at least 1500 Mk III Nr.5, see below)
  Morris-Commercial C8/FAT Mk III Nr.5 body, 1944-?, 35k photo (at least 1500 built), 59k photo
Morris-Commercial C9/B Bofors self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, 19??-19??, 4x4, ? delivered in WW2, 34k photo
Morris-Commercial Terrapin Mk I, 1943-1944, 8x8 4-ton amphibia, twin Ford V8-cyl. SV 3621cc, ? hp, 500 built
Morris-Commercial PU8/4, 1942, 4x4 8-cwt (0,4-ton) truck, 6-cyl. SV 3480cc, 74hp, 1192 built (449 personnel/GS + 743 FFW/Wireless)
Morris-Commercial L3, 1938-1941, 15-cwt (0,75-ton), 2050cc OHV, 15,9 tax hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial G2SW, 1937-1939, Super Six taxi, 6-cyl. OHV 1818cc, 14,07 tax hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial G2, 1932-1937, Junior taxi-cab, 4-cyl. SV 1802cc, 13,9 tax hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial CD, 1933-1939, 6x4 30-cwt (1,5-ton) truck/command car, 4-cyl. SV 3519cc, 55 hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial CDF(CDFW), 1934-1939?, 6x4 30-cwt (1,5-ton) truck, 4-cyl. SV 3519cc, 55 hp, ? built, CDFW - with winch, 36k WW2 photo
Morris-Commercial CDSW, 1935-1939-?, 6x4 30-cwt (1,5-ton) truck, 6-cyl. SV 3485cc, 60hp, ? built:
  Field Artillery tractor, 1935-1939, 32k WW2 photo, 37k rear view
  Light Anti-Aircraft Bofors gun tractor, since 1939, 65k WW2 photo
  Enclosed cab, 23k WW2 photo
  Breakdown (Light recovery), 21k photo of 1939 truck
  German Light Anti-Aircraft gun tractor Kfz.69, 36k WW2 photo
Morris Fourteen-Six III Series Australian body utility coupe, ?-1939-?, 4x2 ?-ton, 6-cyl. OHV 1818cc, 48,3hp, ? built, 23k photo
Morris-Commercial L2, 1931-1938, 15-cwt (0,75-ton), ?cc, ? hp, ? built, perhaps this 15-cwt chassis is L2, 15k photo
Morris-Commercial C, 1933-1938, 4x2 30...60cwt (1,5...3-ton) normal- and forward-control truck:
  Morris-Commercial C11/30 (CS11/30), normal-control 30-cwt (1,5-ton) truck, 4-cyl. 3519cc, 55hp (6-cyl. SV 3485cc, 60hp)
  Morris-Commercial C11/30F (CS11/30F), forward-control 30-cwt (1,5-ton) truck, 4-cyl. 3519cc, 55hp (6-cyl. SV 3485cc, 60hp), 80k WW2 photo
  Morris-Commercial CS11/30F ambulance, body by Mann Egerton, 1935-1939, 61k WW2 photo, 59k WW2 photo
  Morris-Commercial C11/40 (CS11/40), normal-control 40-cwt (1,5-ton) truck, 4-cyl. 3519cc, 55hp (6-cyl. SV 3485cc, 60hp), 5k image
  Morris-Commercial C11/40F (CS11/40F), forward-control 40-cwt (1,5-ton) truck, 4-cyl. 3519cc, 55hp (6-cyl. SV 3485cc, 60hp), 6k image
  Morris-Commercial C13/40 (CS13/40), normal-control 40-cwt (2-ton) truck, 4-cyl. (6-cyl.) ?cc, ?hp
  Morris-Commercial C12/60F, forward-control 60-cwt (3-ton) truck, 4-cyl. ?, ?hp
Morris Eight, 1935-1938, 4x2 5-cwt (0,25-ton) van, 4-cyl. SV 918cc, 8 tax hp, ? built, 23k poster
Morris Series 2, 1935-1938, 4x2 8/10-cwt (0,4/0,5-ton) van, 4-cyl. SV 1548cc, 11,97 tax hp, over 51000 built, 25k poster, 14k rear view
Morris GPO Eight/Minor, 1935-1938, 4x2 5-cwt (0,25-ton) van, 4-cyl. SV 918cc, 8 tax hp, ? built, 76k image
Morris-Commercial G2S, 1934-1937, Junior Six taxi-cab, 6-cyl. SV 1938cc, 14,9 tax hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial PU, 1936-1937-?, 4x2 8-cwt (0,4-ton) truck GS, 4-cyl. SV 3480cc, 60hp, ? built, 38k WW2 photo, 54k rear view, 25k German kuebelwagen
Morris-Commercial T2 (T2F), 1931-1936, 1-ton, normal-control, ?cyl. ?cc, ?hp, ? built, 58k photo, 5k 1935 poster, both - T2
Morris 8/10-cwt, 1934-1935, 4x2 8/10-cwt (0,4/0,5-ton) van, ?-cyl. ?cc, ? hp, ? built
Morris Minor 5-cwt Van, 1929-1934, 4x2 5-cwt (0,25-ton) van, ?-cyl. ?cc, ? hp, ? built:
  1933, 8k photo
  1932, 19k photo
  1930, 3k photo
Morris-Commercial P2S, 1930-1934, 3-ton, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial J, 1931-1934, 4/5-ton, normal-control (forward-control), 4cyl. SV 1802cc, 13,9 tax hp, ? built, 12k poster
Morris-Commercial Leader P.B.4. and P.F.4., ?-1934-?, ?-ton, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Morris Light Van, 1929-1933, 4x2 8-cwt (0,4-ton) van, ?-cyl. ?cc, ? hp, ? built:
  1933, 9k photo
  1932, 66k and 17k photo
  1931, 18k and 8k rearview
  1930, 3k photo
Morris-Commercial TX, 1928-1933, 35/40-cwt (1,75/2-ton), ?cc, ? hp, ? built, 2k photo (1929)
Morris-Commercial R, 1928-1933, 25/30-cwt (1,25/1,5-ton), ?cc, ? hp, ? built:
  25-cwt models (1929), 4k photo
  30-cwt models (1929), 3k photo
Morris-Commercial H, 1930-1933, ?-ton, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial HD, 1930-1933, ?-ton, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial R11/40 (R13/40), 1931-1933, 40-cwt (2-ton), ?cc, 11(13) tax hp, ? built, 6k 1932 poster
Morris-Commercial RP, 1932-1933, ?-ton, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial TX2, 1932-1933, 45/50-cwt (2,25/2,5-ton), ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial D, 1926-1932, 6x4, ?-ton, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial 6D, 1926-1932, 6x4, ?-ton, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial G2, 1930-1932, landaulette taxi-cab, 4-cyl. SV 2513cc, 15,9 tax hp, about 840 built
Morris-Commercial Y, 1930-1932, bus, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial K, 1930-1932, 8-ton, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Morris-Commercial RD, 1930-1932, ?-ton, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Morris ? model bus, 193?, ?-cyl. ?cc, ? hp, 8k photo
Pre-1932 vehicles:
Morris-Commercial T (Heavy Duty Ton), 1924-1931, 1-ton, 4-cyl. SV 1802cc, 13,9 tax hp, ? built
  3k chassis (1929), 2k standard van (1929), 2k de luxe van (1929), 2k truck (1929)
Morris-Commercial Z, 1926-1931, 24/30-cwt (1,2/1,5--ton), ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Morris 8 h.p. fire tender, ?-1931-?, ?-cyl. ?cc, ? hp, 20k photo, 7k rearview
Morris Director, ?-1931-?, 20-seater bus, ?-cyl. ?cc, ? hp
Morris Viceroy, ?-1931-?, 20/26-seater bus, ?-cyl. ?cc, ? hp
Morris Dictator, ?-1931-?, normal- and forward-control 28/34-seater bus, ?-cyl. ?cc, ? hp, 8k photo
Morris Imperial, ?-1931-?, double-decker bus, ?-cyl. ?cc, ? hp, 14k photo
Morris Courier, ?-1931-?, truck, ?-cyl. ?cc, ? hp
Morris ? model bus, ?-1931-?, ?-cyl. ?cc, ? hp, 9k photo
Morris-Commercial LT (Light Ton), 1927-1930, 1-ton, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
  3k chassis (1929), 3k enclosed de luxe van (1929), 2k truck (1929), 3k standard van (1929)
Morris-Commercial L (Light), 1925-1930, 12-cwt (0,6-ton), ?cc, ?hp, ? built
  2k chassis (1929), 3k open truck (1929), 2k popular van (1929), 3k enclosed de luxe van (1929)
Morris-Commercial 3.5B, 1930, 72k photo, originally sold to Estonia as chassis + cab, carried Estonian-made body
Morris RE, ?-1930-?, 2-ton truck, ?-cyl. ?cc, ? hp, 71k photo, 27k poster
Morris Traveller's Brougham, 1928-1929, 4-cyl. SV 1802cc, 13,9 tax hp (optionally in 1928 - 4-cyl. SV 1550cc, 11,9 tax hp), 2k poster
Morris-Commercial ? model bus, 1929, 52k photo
Morris-Commercial ? model 9-seater hotel bus, 1929, 52k photo, 51k photo
Morris Half-Ton Van, 1928, 2k poster
Morris Light 8-cwt, 1926-1927, 8-cwt (0,4--ton), ?cc, ?hp, ? built, 38k photo
Morris Eight Hundredweight, 1924-?, 8-cwt (0,4-ton), ?cc, ?hp, ? built
  9k standard van (1924), 12k van de luxe (1924), 47k game cart (1924)
Morris Cowley Delivery Van, 1915-1919, ?-ton, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
Morris Oxford Delivery Van, 1914-1915, ?-ton, ?cc, ?hp, ? built
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What else in the net:
Morris Register (UK).
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Thanks for help to Jan Szatan (Poland), Rain Vaikla (Estonia), Paul Seabury (England) and Tim Gray (UK).
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