Oldtimer gallery. Cars. M.G.. (only pre-1945 here)
1924 - 1942, 1945 - 1980?, The MG Car Company Ltd., Abingdon-on-Thames, England.

MG Midget:
MG TC, 1945-1949, 4-cyl.OHV-1250cc-54,54hp, 10000 built, 15k photo of 1945 MG TC
MG TB, 1939-1940, 4-cyl.OHV-1250cc-54,4hp, 379 built, 30k photo of 1939 MG TB
MG TA, 1936-1939, 4-cyl.OHV-1292cc-50hp, 3003 built (almost all - open 2-seaters)
MG TA open 2-seater, 41k photo and 21k rear view (both 1937 cars)
MG TA Tickford drophead coupe, 18k photo, 21k rear view and 11k side view (1938 cars)
MG TA Airline coupe, owned by Wolfgang Fischer (Switzerland), 22k photo from Pete Thelander
MG PB, 1935-1936, 4-cyl.OHC-939cc-43hp, 526 built (usually - open 2-seaters, some - 4-seaters)
MG PB open 2-seater, 33k photo and 36k rear view (both 1935 cars)
MG PB Airline coupe, 37k photo (1936 car)
MG PA, 1934-1935, 4-cyl.OHC-847cc-36hp, 2000 built
MG PA open 2-seater, 74k photo (1934 car)
MG PA Airline coupe, 9k photo (1934 car)
MG PA racing, 44k photo (1934 car)
MG J2, 1932-1934, 4-cyl.OHV-847cc-36hp, 2083 built, 30k photo and 41k rear view (both 1933 cars)
MG J1, 1932-1933, 4-cyl.OHV-847cc-36hp, 380 built, 20k b/w photo
MG D, 1931-1932, 4-cyl.OHV-847cc-27hp, 250 built, 20k b/w photo
MG C, 1931-1932, 4-cyl.OHV-746cc-44hp, 44 built, 14k photo and 16k rear view (1931 car)
MG M, 1928-1932, 4-cyl.OHC-847cc-20hp, 3235 built
MG M boattail roadster, 52k photo (1932 car) and 46k rear view (1931 car)
MG M 2-seater sports, 13k photo (1930 car)
MG 11/2, 2 and 2,6 Litres:
MG VA, 1937-1940, 4-cyl.OHV-1548cc-55hp, 2407 built (saloon (usually), open 4-seater, dh. coupe)
MG VA saloon, 28k b/w photo
MG VA open 4-seater, 18k photo (1939 car) and 7k rear view (1937 car)
MG SA, 1936-1942, 6-cyl.OHV-2288/2322cc-78,5hp, 2738 built (sln. (usually), open 4-seater, dhc.)
MG SA saloon, 10k photo and 25k rear view (1937 2288cc car)
MG SA drophead coupe, 19k photo and 7k side view (1937 car)
MG SA open 4-seater by Abbey Coachworks of England, 30k photo and 57k rear view (1936 car)
MG WA, XII 1938 - IX 1939, 6-cyl.OHV-2561cc-95,5hp, 369 built (open 4-seater, sln., dhc.)
MG WA drophead coupe by Salm & Son (Salmons?), 21k photo and 25k rear view (1939 car)
MG WA Tickford 3-position drophead coupe, 12k photo (1939 car)
MG Magnette:
MG N-series, 1934-1936, 6-cyl.OHC-1286cc-(56hp - NA, 68 or 74,5hp - NE), 745 built
MG NA boattail roadster, 21k, 21k (1934), 21k open 4-seater, 14k Airline coupe of Colin Teiche
MG NB, 1935 Motor Show car
MG ND, 2-seater
MG NE, 1934, sports, 21k photo from the owner - Pete Thelander (Wesminster, California, USA)
MG KN, 1933-1935, 6-cyl.OHC-1271cc-56hp, 201 built, 22k b/w photo
MG K3 supercharged, 1932-1934, 6-cyl.OHC-1087cc-120hp, 33 built, 49k photo
MG K1/K2-series, 1932-1935, 6-cyl.OHC-1087/1271cc-(39hp, 41 or 48,5hp), 372 built, 18k b/w photo
MG K1, KA engine, 1932-1935, 108 in. wheelbase, 1087cc-39hp, triple carbs, saloon
MG K1, KB engine, 1932-1935, 108 in. wheelbase, 1087cc-41hp, twin carbs, tourer, sports
MG K1, KD engine, 1932-1935, 108 in. wheelbase, 1271cc-48,5hp, saloon, sports
MG K2, KB engine, 1932-1935, 943/16 in. wheelbase, 1087cc-41hp, twin carbs, tourer, sports
MG K2, KD engine, 1932-1935, 943/16 in. wheelbase, 1271cc-48,5hp, saloon, sports
MG Magna:
MG L-series, 1933-1934, 6-cyl.OHC-1087cc-41hp, 576 built
MG L2, 1933-1934, 14k photo (1933 car)
MG L1 tourer, 1933-1934, 17k photo and 12k rear view (1933 car)
MG F-series, 1931-1933, 6-cyl.OHC-1271cc-37,2hp, 1250 built
MG F1, 1931-1932, 22k photo of 1932 tourer
MG F2, 1931-1933, 2-seater sports
MG F3, 1931-1932, open 4-seater, foursome coupe
The rest:
MG supercharged J3 and J4, 1932-1933, 4-cyl.OHC-746cc, 31 built
MG J4, 1933, 4-cyl.OHC-746cc-72,3hp
MG J3, 1932-1933, 4-cyl.OHC-746cc-?hp, 16k photo and 12k rear view of the last J3 built
MG 18/80 Mk II, 1929-1933, 6-cyl.OHC-2468cc-?hp, 236 built
MG Q, 1934, 4-cyl.OHC-746cc-?hp, 9 built, 29k b/w photo
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What else in the net:
www.mgtd.co.uk (in English), MG TD site of Colin Gibson (UK).

Thanks for help to:
PreWarCar and those who run this project, to
Pete Thelander (Wesminster, California, USA), MG enthusiast and owner of small collection of pre- and post-war MG's.
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