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99k photo of Mercedes-Benz LG3000 Pritsche110k photo of Mercedes-Benz LG3000 Pritsche
Mercedes-Benz LG63 (LG3000)

Years of production: 1935-1938
Overall production: 7434
6x4 3-ton rear axles drive truck
Dimensions (closed type body):
length: 7100mm, width: 2300mm, height: 2800mm
Wheelbase: 3900 + 1050 mm
Road clearance: 265mm
Front wheel track: 1708mm; toe-in: ? mm; camber: ?o; caster: ?o
31 V 1941 photo of Mercedes-Benz LG3000 Kofferaufbau, Norway10k photo of Mercedes-Benz LG3000Rear tracks: 1665mm
Turning radius: 10,25m
Engine: Diesel Daimler-Benz OM67 95hp/2000rpm, straight 6-cyl.
OHV, 7413cc
Bore/Stroke: 110/130 mm
Pistons type and material: ?
Compression ratio: 17 : 1
Fuel pump: ?
29k photo of Henschel 33D or Mercedes-Benz LG3000 Pritsche73k photo of Mercedes-Benz LG3000 crew cab PritscheWater pump motor cooling
Electrics: 12V, 2 batteries, capacity - 105 A*h every
Clutch: dry single plate
Clutch pedal free run: ?mm
Gearbox: Zahnradfabrik ZF KD 45, 5 forward, 1 back, +
2-speed auxilliary box
Ratios: I - 9,00; II - 4,50; III - 2,50; IV - 1,35; V - 1,00; rear - ?
Auxilliary box ratios: highway - 1,00; offroad - 1,41
103k photo of Mercedes-Benz LG3000 tanktruck of Luftwaffe103k photo of Mercedes-Benz LG3000 tanktruck of LuftwaffeDifferential ratio: 6,00 : 1
Frame: U-profile
Front suspension: semielliptic leaf springs
Rear suspension: inverted leaf springs
Air- over hydraulic brakes "Knorr" on all wheels
Mechanic hand brakes on front and middle wheels
61k photo of Mercedes-Benz LG3000 Pritsche62k photo of Mercedes-Benz LG3000 Pritscheopen cargo body: own - 5700kg, gross: 8500kg
closed cargo body: own - 6000kg, gross: ?kg
Maximal trailer weight: 2000kg
Maximal speed: 53 km/h
Tyres: 7,25-20 inches, offroad, twin wheels on rear axles
Tyre pressures (atmospheres): ?
34k photo of Mercedes-Benz LG3000 Pritsche71k photo of Mercedes-Benz LG3000 closed cab PritscheFuel tank capacity: 112 Ltr.
Fuel consumption (Diesel):
30 Ltr/100km (highway), 45 Ltr/100km (offroad)
Cooling system capacity: ? Ltr.
Gearbox oil carter capacity: ? Ltr.
Ford depth: 600mm

Photos and data are from:
Reinhard Frank's book "Lastkraftwagen der Wehrmacht", PODZUN-PALLAS, 1992.
Werner Oswald "Kraftfahrzeuge und Panzer der Reichwehr, Wehrmacht und Bundeswehr", 1982, Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart.
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Thanks for help to:
Denis Orlov (Moscow),
Jan Szatan (Poland).
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