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64k photo of m.E.Pkw and Mercedes-Benz L3000S of SS53k photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S in SS-kolonne, Ostfront17k WW2 photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S
Mercedes-Benz L3000S

Years of production: 1940-1942
Overall production: about 27700
(including 1938-1939 "L3000" and
1940-1942 "L3000A")
4x2 3,1-ton rear axle drive truck
Dimensions (pritschenwagen (cargo)):
length: 6255mm or 6715mm,
width: 2240mm, height: 2585mm
Wheelbase: 3800mm or 4250mm
Cargo platform dimensions:
3500mm or 4000mm x 2100mm
Road clearance: 225mm
Front wheel track: 1685mm; toe-in: ? mm; camber: ?o; caster: ?o
53k photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S of SS43k photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S in SS-kolonne, Ostfront20k WW2 photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S (?)Rear track, mid-wheels: 1650mm
Turning radius: 7,6m or 7,9m
Engine: Diesel Daimler-Benz OM 65/4
75hp/2250rpm, straight 4-cyl. OHV,
Bore/Stroke: 105/140 mm
Pistons type and material: ?
Compression ratio: 20 : 1
Fuel pump: Bosch or Deckel
Water pump motor cooling
Electrics: 12V, 2 batteries, capacity - 75 A*h every
Clutch: dry single plate
Clutch pedal free run: ?mm
Gearbox: 5 forward, 1 back
18k photo of 1942 Mercedes-Benz L3000S79k WW2 photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S of Luftwaffe61k photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S of SSRatios: I - 9,00; II - 4,50; III - 2,50;
IV - 1,35; V - 1,00; rear - ?
Differential ratio: 5,00 : 1
Frame: U-profile
Front suspension: leaf springs
Rear suspension: leaf springs
Hydraulic brakes on all wheels
Mechanic hand brakes on rear wheels
Weights: own: 3690kg, gross: 6790kg
107k WW2 photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S of SS71k WW2 photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S(?) of SS94k photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S of SSMaximal speed: 70 km/h
Tyres: 190-20 or 7,50-20 inches,
offroad, twin wheels on rear axles
Tyre pressures (atmospheres): ?
Fuel tank capacity: 90 Ltr.
Fuel consumption (Diesel):
18 Ltr/100km (highway), 27 Ltr/100km (offroad)
Cooling system capacity: ? Ltr.
14k post-war photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S15k WW2 photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S69k photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000SGearbox oil carter capacity: ? Ltr.
Ford depth: 700mm

Photos and data are from:
Werner Oswald "Kraftfahrzeuge und
Panzer der Reichwehr,Wehrmacht und
Bundeswehr", 1982, Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart.
eBay Deutschland.
59k WW2 photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S of Luftwaffe100k photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S firetruck49k photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S pritscheBart Vanderveen's book "Historic Military
Vehicles Directory", "After the Battle"
publication, 1989.
Reinhard Frank's book "Lastkraftwagen
der Wehrmacht", PODZUN-PALLAS,
Frank Nieuwenhuis, Luxembourg.
40k photo of Mercedes-Benz L3000S einheits-kofferwagen, radio1942 Mercedes-Benz L3000S54k drawing of Mercedes-Benz L3000S firetruckKlubi "UNIC", Estonia, photo T. Noorits.
Thanks for help to:
Denis Orlov (Moscow),
Jan Szatan (Poland),
Aleksandr Dzyadchik (Moscow).
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