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18k photo of Mercedes-Benz 770 Tourenwagen16k photo of Mercedes-Benz 770 Tourenwagen
Mercedes-Benz 770 (W07(K))

Years of production: 1930-1938
Overall production: 119, see Production table
(of them only 13 without kompressor (W07))
(There are 2 missing cars in the table mentioned above.)
4x2 car with front motor and rear wheeldrive
U-profile pressed steel frame
Body modifications (price in RM, for W07K model add 3000RM):
Chassis: 29500 RM (1930-1936), 24000 RM (1937-1938), 19 cars
(4 of them with Erdmann & Rossi bodies)
Pullman-Limousine: 38000 RM, 42 cars
Tourenwagen (6-seater): 39000 RM, 26 cars
Cabriolet D (4-door, 4-light): 44500 RM, 18 cars
Cabriolet F (Pullman-Cabriolet, 4-door, 6-light, 6-seater): 44500 RM, 8 cars
37k photo of Mercedes-Benz 770 Tourenwagen, Hitler visit to Sonthofen, 23 XI 193719k photo of Mercedes-Benz 770 Tourenwagen in Hameln, 1 X 1934Cabriolet C (2-door, 2-light): 41500 RM, 4 cars
Cabriolet B (2-door, 4-light): 44500 RM, 2 cars
Dimensions: length: 5600 mm, width: 1840mm, height: 1830mm
Wheelbase: 3750mm
Front wheel track: 1500mm
Rear track: 1500mm
Road clearance: ?mm
Turning radius: 7,05m
20k photo of Mercedes-Benz 770 Tourenwagen47k photo of Mercedes-Benz 770 TourenwagenDaimler-Benz M 07K 150hp/2800rpm (with compressor -
200hp/2800rpm), straight 8-cyl, 4-stroke OHV 7,655cc
Daimler-Benz M 07 150hp/2800rpm, straight 8-cyl, 4-stroke OHV
Compression ratio: 4,7 : 1
Bore/Stroke: 95/135mm
Central automatical oiling
Cooling: water pump (32 Ltr.)
35k photo of Mercedes-Benz 770 Tourenwagen, Hitler26k photo of Mercedes-Benz 770 TourenwagenClutch: dry twin plate
Gearbox: 3-speed + overdrive (Maybach or Daimler-Benz) + rear
(II...III and overdrive - synchronized)
I - 2,73; II - 1,52; III - 1,00; overdrive - 0,71 or 0,76, rear - ?
Rear axle ratio: 4,50 or 4,88 or 4,30
Front suspension: rigid
Rear suspension: rigid
55k photo of Mercedes-Benz 770 Tourenwagen in Bueckeburg48k photo of Mercedes-Benz 770 TourenwagenMechanical brakes with pneumo-support Bosch-Dewandre on all
Hand brakes: mechanical, on rear wheels
Ignition: combination of battery and magneto
Battery: 12 V, 75 A*h
Generator: 225 W
Weight: 2700 kg, gross weight - 3500 kg; chassis: 1950 kg
Maximal speed: W07 - 150 km/h; W07K - 160 km/h
22k photo of Mercedes-Benz 770 Cabriolet DTyres: 7,00-20 inches
Wheels: wooden spokes or metal disks
Fuel tank capacity: 195 L
Oil capacity: engine carter - 9 Ltr
Fuel consumption: W07 - 29 Ltr/100km; W07K - 30 Ltr/100km

Photos and data are from:
Almost all b&w images and some data are from Werner Oswald's book "Mercedes-Benz Personenwagen 1886-1986", 1987,
Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart.
eBay Deutschland.
Black Hawk Collection.
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