Oldtimer gallery. Cars. USA pre-1932 makes. Maxwell/Maxwell-Briscoe.
1913-1925, Maxwell, Motor Co., Detroit, USA.
1904-1913, Maxwell-Briscoe, ??? Co., Tarrytown, NY, and New Castle, IN, USA.

1924 Maxwell, 4-door touring 33k and 20k photo
1923 Maxwell, 2-door sedan (29k) and touring (20k)
1922 Maxwell, 4-door touring, 4-cyl. (30k)
1921 Maxwell, 2-seater, Serial Nr. B44947-9, 4-cyl. (11k)
1920 Maxwell, touring (21k)
1916 Maxwell, touring (46k)
1914 Maxwell, 4-door touring, 4-cyl., 37k, 50k rear view and 35k photo
1914 Maxwell 35/29T, roadster, Harrah collection car (28k)
1913 Maxwell, roadster, 4-cyl. (18k)
1911 Maxwell AB runabout, 2-cyl. (73k) of Robert & Billie Hyland (GEAA)
1910 Maxwell Perfect Q3 touring, 4-cyl. (25k) and rear view (22k)
1910 Maxwell Q4, 4-cyl., touring (10k)
1910 Maxwell AA of Randy Sauder (Atlanta, USA) (29k)
1910 Maxwell, runabout (28k)
1909 Maxwell, touring (40k)
1909 Maxwell LD, runabout (37k), courtesy of the owner, William H. Johnson, Lexington, KY, USA
1909 Maxwell, doctor's roadster, 29k b/w photo
1908 Maxwell NC, doctor's roadster, 46k and 37k rear view, courtesy of the owner, Randy Sauder
1907 Maxwell RL from the Automobile Museum of Uusikaupunki, Finland (51k)
1907 Maxwell HB touring with Jonathan Maxwell and Benjamin Briscoe, founders of Maxwell (79k)
1905 Maxwell L, tourabout, 2-cyl., 9k photo
Photos are from:
Randy Sauder (Atlanta, USA), owner of this reportedly the only remaining 1908 Maxwell NC doctor's roadster,
Kruse International,
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Specialcar Magazine,
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The Maxwell Collection.
Thanks to Albert Kopans for powerful assistance.
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