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1934 - 1939, SA Française Matford, Strasbourg, Asnières, Seine, France.
For earlier and later years see Mathis.

This was joint veture assembling Ford cars in France by Mathis. Some of these French Fords were different from other Fords.
(model years, not calender years here)
1939, 16k 1943? photo of berline, near Krosno, Poland
Matford V8-F91A, V8-cyl.-3622cc-85(?)hp (21CV)
Matford V8-F92A, V8-cyl.-2227cc-60(?)hp (13CV)
1938, different style louvres of bonnet, 11k WW2 photo
Matford V8-F81/A, V8-cyl.-3622cc-85(?)hp (21CV), 17k photo of cabriolet
Matford V8-F82/A, V8-cyl.-2227cc-60(?)hp (13CV)
1937, flat windscreen, bow bumper, different louvres, 30k 1940 photo, Strasbourg, 10k mascot, 11k berline, 11k cabriolet
Matford V8-76, V8-cyl.-3622cc-85(?)hp (21CV)
Matford V8-72, V8-cyl.-2227cc-60(?)hp (13CV)
1936, separate headlights over wings, different grille
Matford Alsace V8-68, V8-cyl.-3622cc-?hp (21CV)
Matford Alsace V8-62, V8-cyl.-2227cc-60(?)hp (13CV)
1935, separate headlights over wings, different grille
Matford Alsace V8, V8-cyl.-3622cc-?hp (21CV)

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