Oldtimer gallery. Cars. USA pre-1932 makes. Locomobile.
1899-1929, ??? Co., ??? place, USA.

1925 Locomobile 100HP, towncar custom landaulette by Bridgeport Bodyworks (17k)
1917 Locomobile 90HP, 2+1-seater speedster by Healey (18k)
1899 Locomobile, steamer (20k)
Photos are from:
Hemmings Motor News,
Kruse International.
What else in the net:
The Durant Motors Automobile Club (in English) - Durant, Star, Rugby, Flint, Frontenac, DeVaux and Locomobile.
Durantcars.com (in English) - Durant, Star, Rugby, Flint, Locomobile, Mason, Eagle, Princeton, Mathis, DeVaux, Continental, Frontenac.
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