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42k photo of 1943 KdF-8245k photo of 1944 KdF-82
KdF 82, Pkw. Typ K1.

Years of production: 1940-1945
Overall production: 50435 units
4x2 rear-motor military car
Body modifications (by Wehrmacht classification):
Kfz. 1 - 4-passenger car (most numerous)
Kfz. 2 - radio and communications car
Kfz. 2/40 - maintenance/repair car
Kfz. 3 - surveying car
20k photo of 1941 KdF-82, 11 Panzer DivizionWW2 photo of KdF-82, in RussiaEngine: 23,5hp/3000rpm (since III 1943 - 25hp)/3000rpm, aircooled
4-cyl. boxer OHV, 985cc (since III 1943 - 1131cc)
Bore/Stroke: 70/64 mm (since III 1943 - 75/64 mm)
Compression ratio: 5,8 : 1
Length: 3740mm, width: 1600mm, height: 1650mm
Wheelbase: 2400mm
Road clearance: 290mm (unloaded), 275mm (loaded)
Maximal ford depth: 450mm
Turning radius: 5,5m
36k photo of 1943 KdF-8213k photo (XI 1944) of KdF-82 of SS-WaffenBattery: 6 Volt, 75 A*h (under the rear seat)
Carburetter: 1 downdraft Solex 26 VFJ
Clutch: dry single plate
Gearbox: 4 forward 1 back
Ratios: I - 3,60, II - 2,07, III - 1,25, IV - 0,80
Self-locking differential
Rear axle ratio: 4,43 (7:31) plus gear 15:21, in sum - 6,2
Front wheel track: 1356mm
71k photo of 1942 KdF-8217k WW2 photo of KdF-82Rear track: 1360mm
Front suspension: ?
Rear suspension: ?
Mechanical brakes on all wheels
Weight: 725 kg (+ 450kg overall load)
Maximal speed: 80 km/h (highway)
Tyres: offroad 5,25-16 inches; 200-12 or 690-200 for tropical usage
Fuel tank capacity: 40 Ltr. (in the front part of the car)
33k WW2 photo of KdF-8239k photo of 1943 KdF-82Fuel consumption: 9 Ltr./100km (highway)
Oil carter capacity: engine - 2,5 Ltr.
Price: ? RM (self-price, not for sale)

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