Oldtimer picture gallery. Cars. Hupmobile.
1908-1936, 1937-1941, Hupp Motor Car Company, Detroit, USA.

1941 Hupmobile Skylark R-115, 4-door sedan, 28k photo
1940 Hupmobile Skylark R-015, 4-door sedan (39k) and 31k rear view
1938 Hupmobile, 4-door sedan (47k)
1935 Hupmobile T "527" Eight, 4-door Aerosedan, 17k and 14k rear view
1935 Hupmobile D "518" Six, 4-door Aerosedan, 15k photo
1934 Hupmobile T "427" Eight, 4-door Aerosedan (29k) and 31k rear view
1934 Hupmobile W "417" Six, 4-door sedan, 22k photo
1934 Hupmobile J "421" Six, 4-door sedan, 19k photo
1933 Hupmobile K "321" Six, convertible coupe of Lou & Bunny Berquest (GEAA), 32k photo
1932 Hupmobile F "222" Eight, 4-door sedan (80k)
1932 Hupmobile B "216" Six, rumbleseat conv. coupe (14k), rear view (23k), 4-door sedan (14k)
1931 Hupmobile S Century Six, 4-door sedan (37k), and another one (15k)
1931 Hupmobile S Century Six, rumbleseat coupe (14k)
1930 Hupmobile Standard Eight, 4-door sedan (46k)
1930 Hupmobile S Standard Six, 4-door sedan (13k photo from Leó M. Jónsson, Iceland (leoemm.com)
1928 Hupmobile, sport coupe, 20k and 10k rear view
1928 Hupmobile, 4-door sedan, 26k and 25k rear view
1927 Hupmobile Six, deluxe 4-door sedan (57k)
1926 Hupmobile, 4-door phaeton (18k)
1926 Hupmobile A, 4-door sedan (17k), rear view (12k) and another 4-door sedan (33k)
1926 Hupmobile, 3-door(?) sedan (15k)
1926 Hupmobile, roadster, 49k, rear view (46k)
1925 Hupmobile, 4-door tourer (27k)
1925 Hupmobile, 4-door sedan, 4-cyl. (17k)
1925 Hupmobile, roadster (13k)
1924 Hupmobile, 4-cyl. 39hp 3-door 5-passenger club sedan (24k) and 24k rear view
1923 Hupmobile, 4-cyl. special roadster (16k)
1922 Hupmobile R10/112, 4-door touring, 4-cyl. (60k), another one (40k)
1920 Hupmobile, doctor's coupe (41k)
1920 Hupmobile, tourer (9k) and 9k rear view
1914 Hupmobile, 4-door touring, 4-cyl. (34k)
1913 Hupmobile 32HP, 4-door touring, 4-cyl. (66k), rear view (86k)
1912 Hupmobile 32HP, 4-door touring (19k)
1912 Hupmobile, 4-cyl. 4-door touring, 93k and 98k rear view
1911 Hupmobile 4-cyl., 4-passenger touring (26k old photo)
1911 Hupmobile, 2-passenger touring (13k b/w photo)
1910 Hupmobile 20HP, speedster, 4-cyl. (63k)
1909 Hupmobile 4-cyl., speedster (11k)
1909 Hupmobile 20HP, runabout (14k).

Hupmobile car production:

Years 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940-1941 Cars 10467 7313 9420 10781 2171 238 2001 1035 319 (211+103, 5?)
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Thanks to Albert Kopans and
Olav Brandvol, owner of 1935 Hupmobiles "O" and "T" (Norway) for powerful assistance.
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