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17k photo of Horex T6 motor29k photo of Horex T5 or T6, Luftwaffe17k photo of Horex T6 motor
Horex T5, T6

Years of production:
T5 - 1935-1937-1940;
T6 - 1935-1937-1941
Overall production: ?
T5: Columbus C 1 M; 16hp/4500rpm,
1-cyl. SV 493cc
Bore/Stroke: 80/98 mm
Compression ratio: 5,3 : 1
T6: Columbus D 1 M; 18hp/4750rpm,
1-cyl. SV 591cc
Bore/Stroke: 80/117,5 mm
Compression ratio: 5,3 : 1
14k photo of Horex T6 motor10k photo of Horex T6 motor56k photo of Horex T5 or T6, LuftwaffeSpark plug: ?, ?mm
T5, T6: Amal 76/011
Length: ?mm, width: ?mm,
saddle height: ?mm
Wheelbase: ?mm, road clearance: ?mm
Gearbox: ?-speed
Ratios: ?
Parallelogram front fork
Weight: ? kg
Maximal speed:
T5: 104 km/h (solo), 85 km/h (with sidecar)
T6: 112 km/h (solo), 90 km/h (with sidecar)
47k photo of Horex T5 or T6, Luftwaffe48k photo of 1938 Horex T5Tyres: ?-? inches
Tyre pressures, atmospheres: front - ?, rear - ?
Fuel tank capacity: ? Ltr.
Fuel consumption:
T5: 3,5 Ltr./100km (solo), 4,3 Ltr./100km (with sidecar)
T6: 3,8 Ltr./100km (solo), 4,6 Ltr./100km (with sidecar)
Oil consumption: 0,125 Ltr./100km (T5, T6)

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