Oldtimer gallery. Trucks of pre-1932 makes, USSR/Russia.

Chelyshev. 1912-1917, Zavod Pozharnyh Mashin M. Chelysheva. Mytischi (Moscow region). Firetrucks bodies and fire equipment to them.
          In 1916/17 1 own model firetruck with Chellenge-Bogatyr’ pump.
Dux, 1900's, Akcionernoe obschestvo "Dux" Ju. A. Mellera. Moscow. Founded in 1895. Buses of Panhard-Levassor (F) type (after 1902), 31k photo of 1902 electric omnibus.
Frese, 1902-1909, Akcionernoe obschestvo postroiki i ekspluataciji avtomobilej "Frese i Ko.". Based in 1873. 200 cars, trucks, special automobiles, buses built before 1909. Since 1910 - branch of RBVZ, only body production on chassis of Germain (B), Minerva (B), Renault (F), Clement-Bayard (F) and Russo-Baltique (RUS).
International, 1903-1904 (1905?), Bol'shoj Mezhdunarodnyj Garazh Avtomobilej M.A. Nakashidze, Warszawa. In 1903-1904 built few Mutel (F) type cars and buses. Trader of imported Panhard-Levassor (F).
Izhorskij (FIAT - Izhora)., ?-1916-1917-?, Izhorskij Zavod in Kolpino (Petrograd region), built armoured automobiles on different chassis. In 1916-1917 - assembly of own armoured bodies on FIAT 55 (USA) chassis.
Jakovlev, ?-1907-1910-?, Kuzovnaya Fabrika P.D. Jakovleva, built bodies on Austin (GB), Renault (F), Brasier (F) chassis, obviously assembled 1 or 2 trucks from parts of Arbentz (CH).
Kolomna, 1914, Kolomenskii Mashinostroyitelnyi Zavod, batch of heavy steam road locomobiles of Stumpf (F) type.
Lessner (Daimler Loutzki), 1904-1906-1909 (3-4 tens built), Akcionernoje Obschestvo Mashinostrojitel'nogo i Kotel'nogo Zavoda G.A. Lessner. (St. Peterburg), trucks and special automobiles
Leutner (Leutner Büssing), 1909, Leutner & Co.. Riga. 2 or 3 heavy trucks of Büssing type.
List, early 1900's. Firma Gustav List i Ko., Moscow, few own self-propelled fire-fighter automobiles, later - only firetruck bodies.
Lundberg - Vasiljev, 1900-1901. Fabrika Avtomobilej Lundberg-Vasil’ev. Moscow. Possibly built 1 De Dion-Bouton (F) type car.
Maltsov, 1874-? (7 built)
M.O.S.Sh, 1915-1916. Masterskaja Oficerskoi Strelkovoi Shkoly. St. Peterburg. 1 4-wheel light chassis and about 20 3-wheel chassis for armoured bodies of Obukhovskij Zavod. Used parts from Hupmobile (US), Case (US) and Maxwell (US) cars. Designers - commander of the school, colonel Filatov and praporshchik Uljatovskii.
Nobel, 1910-1914. St. Peterburgskii Zavod L. Nobelja “Russkii Diesel”. Apparently assembled 2 or 3 Scania (S) trucks.
Orjol (Hrushchov), 1903-19??, in Oryol. Mashinostrojitel'nyi Zavod M.M. Hrushchova. From 1903-engines of Munkteil (S) type, later agricultural mechanisms and tractors. In 1903 - own snowmobile (autosledge).
Parviainen (Aster-Parviainen), 1911 or 1912, Parviainen i Ko. Mehanicheskii i Chugunoliteinyi Zavod. St. Peterburg. Built 1 truck with Aster (F) motor for own needs.
Petunin, 1914(?), D.N. Petunin from Verhnjaja Tura (Ural) built light 6hp truck of own design.
Prombron, 1925 (? built), Moscow
Romanov (Romanov i Frese), 1899-1901. Engineer I.V. Romanov built 2 light electromobiles of Morris & Salom (US) types and 1 electrobus on Siemens & Halske (D) system. All the vehicles built on Frese factory in Sankt-Peterburg. Apparently the bus has been later rebuilt to trolleybus.
Russkij Austin (Putilov), 1917-1919. Putilovskii Zavod, St. Peterburg / Petrograd produced armoured bodies on Austin (GB) chassis, and supplied Kegresse (F) type half-tracks to automobiles.
Russo-Baltique (Russko-Baltijskij), 1912 - 1915 (in Riga, 198 built). Russko-Baltiiskii Vagonnyi Zavod (RBVZ). Since 1909 - Fondu (B) licenced automobiles of all types (cars, trucks, military, buses, racing, firetrucks, agricultural), later - own design. Chassis used for armoured, anti-aircraft automobiles and artillery target tow-trucks.
D.Skavronskii, 1903 (few built), Sankt-Peterburg
Stasiulevich, 1909, 1 bus built (apparently of Panhard-Levassor (F) type). Mehanicheskaja masterskaja inzh. V.N. Stasiulevicha. Odessa.
U-4, 1931, (2built), Harkov, Ukraine.
P.D.Yakovlev, ?-1907-?
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