Oldtimer gallery. Trucks. Unknown makes.

Here are old photos of commercial vehicles I'm unable to identify. Please help if you can.
Some pictures are already identified thanks to Stanislav Kiriletz (stanislav_kiriletz@gmx.de, kiriletz@web.de, http://www.kiriletz.de) and Bénigne de Vilmorin (ph. 13, 21-23).
1. About 1906, horse omnibus in Berlin, 20k b/w old photo
2. Light 1910's pickup with number plate IIZ-602 (Schwaben, Germany), 28k b/w old photo
3. 1916 photo of military Büssing truck in Lille, 15k b/w old photo
4. WW2 German photo with bus, 10k b/w old photo
5. 1920's Mannesmann-Mulag, 9k b/w old German photo
6. 1930's Dresden, buses near main railway terminal, 49k b/w old photo, 3-axle bus is Büssing, 2-axle - Mercedes?
7. 1926 post bus (Daimler?) in Silezia, 15k b/w old photo
8. 1930(?) photo of Henschel tanktruck, Germany, 10k b/w old photo
9. 1920/30's photo of truck with trailer, number plate IS-94100 (Mittelfranken, Germany), 132k b/w old photo
10. 1920/30's photo of truck (MAF or Berliet?), number plate IV-50536 (Chemnitz, Germany), 30k b/w old photo
11. 1930's photo of Kässbohrer bus trailer in Hamburg, Germany, 84k b/w old photo
12. 1920/30's photo of (Brennabor?) bus in Köln, Germany, 22k b/w old photo
13. 1900/10's photo of 2-decker bus Gobron-Brilliè double decker and most likely a Delaunay-Belleville car beside in Paris, 22k old photo
14. 1920/30's photo of Hansa-Lloyd Elektrolieferwagen Reichspost omnibus (RP-8487), Germany, 35k photo of Denis Orlov, Moscow
15. early 1930's chocolate van (Mercedes-Benz?), Germany, 12k b/w old photo
16. this is 1936-1951 Mack EH, 19k photo of Dan Crossman, thanks for help to John Costley (USA)
17. WW2 German photo of truck, 7k b/w old photo
18. 1930's Citroen Postal half-truck in Austria, 17k b/w old photo
19. 1920/30 firetruck (Steyr?), 13k photo
20. 1930/40's American bus, 21k photo of Dan Crossman
21. 1933 photo of Parisian garbage truck based on a Schneider H chassis, 63k b/w old photo Bénigne de Vilmorin explained that a few years later the dumper body was removed at the workshops of the cleaning service and replaced by the high-capacity and compacting box-boby you see on pic 23 (although there is shorter wheelbase one m - A.B.).
22. 1934 photo of accu-powered (probably SOVEL) Parisian garbage dumpers, 52k b/w old photo shot at the garbage burning station of Issy les Moulineaux cloto Paris.
23. 1934 photo of Parisian garbage truck based on a Schneider H chassis, 83k b/w old photo, see picture 21..
Photos are from:
eBay Deutschland.
Molotok.ru online auction, Russia.
Gebhard Flatz, Austria.
Edsel Unlimited.
Frank Nieuwenhuis, Luxembourg.
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