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1934-1940, AFN Ltd., ? place, United Kingdom.

Frazer-Nash-B.M.W. 320/45, ?-1937-1939-?, 6-cyl. OHV - 1971cc - 80hp, ? built,
Frazer-Nash-B.M.W. 328, ?-1938-1939-?, 6-cyl. OHV - 1971cc - 80hp, ? built,
Frazer-Nash-B.M.W. 327/80, 1939-1940, 6-cyl. OHV - 1971cc - 80hp, ? built,
Frazer-Nash-B.M.W. 329, ?-1937-?, 4-cyl. OHV - 845cc - 22hp, ? built, 8k photo
Frazer-Nash-B.M.W. 319/55, ?-1936-?, 6-cyl. OHV - 1911cc - 55hp, ? built,
Frazer-Nash-B.M.W. 327/55, ?-1939-?, 6-cyl. OHV - 1971cc - 55hp, ? built, 50k and 56k photo
Frazer-Nash-B.M.W. 315, 1934-1936-?, 6-cyl. OHV - 1490cc - 34hp, ? built, 42k and 79k photo
Reportedly also 326 and 319 BMW models have been also assembled by Frazer-Nash-BMW.
All British BMW were assembled from German parts, but redesigned for right hand drive. Pictured Frazer-Nash-BMW 315 of Robin Thevathasan has all German units, but long ago Robin also owned one more Frazer-Nash-BMW 315 with very close serial numbers, and that car had Lucas electrics and 3 SU carburettors (it may have even had a 319 engine fitted).

Photos and data are from:
Robin Thevathasan, owner of this nice pictured Frazer-Nash-B.M.W. 315, Singapore,
Are there more survived Frazer-Nash-B.M.W.? Please write to Robin and to the author of these pages.
RitzSite, the Netherlands,
Hemmings Motor News,
"A-Z of Cars of the 1930s" by M.Sedgwick & M.Gillies.
You are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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