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1921-1932, Durant Motors of America (William Crapo Durant), Detroit, Michigan, USA.

1932 Durant 621
1932 Durant 622
1931 Durant 6-14, 34k photo of 4-door sedan (6 cyl.), this is car of Stephan Riffault, Ottawa
1930 Durant 63, 43k and 23k rear view of 4-door sedan (6 cyl.)
1930 Durant 614, 49k and 35k rear view of 4-door sedan
1930 Durant 614(?), 31k photo of 4-door sedan, owner - Richard Mancebo
1929 Durant, 11k photo of 4-door sedan
1928 Durant Rugby, 24k photo of 4-door sedan
1927 Durant Star, 23k photo of 2-door sedan, (4cyl.)
1927 Durant M-2, 25k photo of coupe
1923 Durant A-22, 18k photo of touring (4-cyl. OHV)
Production for 1932 - 1135 units.
Under Frontenac trademark Durant cars were still for sale in Canada through 1933.
Photos are from:
CWM Classic Cars,
Kruse International,
"Autoclassics" magazine, Hungary,
Antique Autos Online,
Trader Online.
What else in the net:
The Durant Motors Automobile Club (in English) - Durant, Star, Rugby, Flint, Frontenac, DeVaux and Locomobile.
Durantcars.com (in English) - Durant, Star, Rugby, Flint, Locomobile, Mason, Eagle, Princeton, Mathis, DeVaux, Continental, Frontenac.

I received following message. I can't find an answer. May be you can? If yes, please write to Earl Jeffers and to me (ab@iki.rssi.ru). Thanks!

"Hello Andrei,
I live in St. Kitts (or St. Christopher) in the Eastern Caribbean. I have some remains of a Durant antique car but I am not sure which of the 1923 to 1933 models it is. Can you help me?
I have some information:
Model F
Motor Number 251003
mark on engine W5A-600
Manufactured by Continental Motors Corporation
Detriot & Muskegon, Michigan, USA
Car number T-407605
Model M
Manufactured by Durant Motors Canada Limited
Seaside Ontario, Canada".

Thanks for help to Terry Kulchycki for the following explanations:
It is most likely a 1927 Star model M. The car was built at the Leaside plant just outside of Toronto. Most Stars that were sold outside of the US and Canada were built at this plant. As well, the Star was sold in some markets, Australia for example, as the Rugby.
Thanks to Albert Kopans for powerful assistance.
You are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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