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62k photo of DKW Schwebeklasse cabriolimousine, interior59k photo of DKW Schwebeklasse, motor
DKW Schwebeklasse

Years of production: I 1934 - 1935/1936 - 1937 (- 1940?)
Overall production: about 6000 units
Body types: 2-door limousine, cabriolet, van, 2-seater open sports,
Engine: 30hp/?rpm (32hp/3800rpm since 1936), V4-cyl 2-stroke,
990cc (1054cc since 1936)
Length: ?mm, width: ?mm, height: ?mm
35k photo of DKW Schwebeklasse cabriolimousine53k photo of DKW Schwebeklasse cabriolimousineWheelbase: ?mm, road clearance: ?mm
Front wheel track: ?mm; toe-in: ? mm; camber: ?o; caster: ?o
Rear track: ?mm
Turning radius: ? m
Bore/Stroke: ?/? mm
Compression ratio: ? : 1
Carburettor: ?
Ignition system: battery, ?V, battery capacity - ? A*h
Generator type and power: ?; ?W
84k photo of DKW Schwebeklasse cabriolimousine70k photo of DKW Schwebeklasse cabriolimousineSpark plugs type: ?; ?mm; electrode clearance: ? mm
Clutch: ?
Clutch pedal clearance: ?mm
Gearbox: ?-speed
Ratios: ?
Differential ratio: ?
Front suspension: ?
Rear suspension: ?
Brakes: ?
96k photo of DKW Schwebeklasse cabriolimousine19k photo of DKW Schwebeklasse limousineWeight: 975kg
Maximal speed: 95 km/h
Tyres: ?-? inches
Tyre pressures (atmospheres): Front - ?, Rear - ?
Fuel tank capacity: ? Ltr
Petrol consumption: ? Ltr/100km
Cooling system capacity: ? Ltr
Gearbox oil carter capacity: ? Ltr
Price when new: ?
83k photo of DKW Schwebeklasse lieferwagen
Photos are from:
Auto Union
Peter Kirchberg, "Bildatlas Auto Union", Berlin, 1987.
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Igor Guzienko (Kiev).
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