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30k WW2 photo of 1935-1940 Citroën 7CV (?), East front106k photo of 1935-1940 Citroën 7CV ex-Wehrmacht
Citroën 7CV (1935-1940) "Traction Avant"
(data for 4-door sedan)
Years of production: 1935 - 1940
Overall production: 69469
4x2 front engine front wheel drive car.
Body types: 4-door sedan, 2-door cabriolet, 2-door coupe
Engine: Citroën 7CV, 36hp/3800rpm, carburetter 4-cyl. 4-stroke OHV, 1628cc
Bore/Stroke: 72/100mm
Compression ratio: 6 : 1
Length: 445cm; width: 164cm; height: 152cm
Wheelbase: 291cm, road clearance: ?mm
Front wheel track: 134cm, independent suspension
Rear track: 132cm
Gearbox: ?-speed
66k WW2 photo of 1935-1940 Citroën 7CV of Luftwaffe19k photo of 1937 Citroën 7CVBrakes: ?
Weight: 900 kg
Tyre size: ?x? inches
Fuel consumption: ? Ltr./100km
Fuel tank capacity: ? Ltr.
Maximal speed: ? km/h

Photos are from:
80k photo of 1935-1940 Citroën 7CVDenis Orlov, automobile journalist and historian, Moscow.
Jan Szatan, Poland (his homepage is very interesting).
eBay Deutschland.
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