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1908-1924, ??? Company, ??? place, USA.

1918 Chalmers, 4-door touring, 6-cyl. (23k photo)
1916 Chalmers 35A, 4-door touring, 6-cyl. (24k photo) and rear view (26k photo)
1915 Chalmers, 7-passenger touring, 6-cyl. (18k photo)
Photos are from:
Kruse International.

Clive Hawley (UK) is owner of 1913 Chalmers model 17, torpedo tourer, 4 cylinder, 36hp, 5000cc, car No 31914, engine No 17a 1874, formelly in the Harrah collection, ex Bill Evans collection, imported into the UK in 1986 and restod. This car is one of two known model 17's whith this coach work. Who can help with any information about this model? Would be nice to meet owners of other Chalmers cars. E-mail: herrodddl@aol.com
You are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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