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53k photo of Büssing-NAG G31 Kfz.77 phone line installer
Büssing-NAG G31

Years of production: 1931-1935
Overall production: 2300
6x4 1,5-ton truck (2 rear axles drive)
Kfz. ? - cargo (Pritschenwagen)
Kfz. 61 - phone lines building and repair, antenne, phone recorder or amplifier vehicle
Kfz. 62 - phone lines building and repair, antenne, meteorology, publishing, sound listening, sound or light definition vehicle
10k WW2 photo of Büssing-NAG G31 Kfz.77 in RussiaKfz. 63 - measurments point or warning service vehicle
Kfz. 64 - topography equipment vehicle
Kfz. 76 - observation vehicle
Kfz. 77 - phone lines vehicle, similar to Kfz. 63
Pritschenwagen (cargo): length: 5350mm, width: 2250mm, height: 2350mm
Kastenwagen (box van): length: 5700mm, width: 2000mm, height: 2760mm
Fernsprechbauwagen oder Messstellen-Kfz. (phone line builder or measurement):
26k photo of Büssing-NAG G31 Kfz.61 amplifierlength: 5750mm, width: 2220mm, height: 2350mm
Wheelbase: 2715 + 950 mm
Road clearance: 225mm
Front wheel track: 1535mm; toe-in: ? mm; camber: ?o; caster: ?o
Rear track: inner wheels: 1372mm; outer wheels: 1812mm
Turning radius: 8 m
Engine: carburetter Büssing-NAG G 65hp/2500rpm, straight 4-cyl. OHV 4-stroke, 3920cc
Bore/Stroke: 98/130 mm
Pistons type and material: ?
Compression ratio: 5,1 : 1
Carburettor: one Solex VFSL 40
Carburettor data: ?
Water pump motor cooling
Electrics: 12V, battery capacity - 105 A*h
Generator type and power: ?; 130W
Starter type and power: ?, 1,8 hp
Spark plugs type: ?; ?mm; electrode clearance: ? mm
Clutch: dry twin plate
Clutch pedal clearance: ?mm
Gearbox: 3 forward, 1 back, 2-speed transfer box
Ratios: I - 8,2; II - 5,4; III - 3,53; IV - 2,28; V - 1,49; VI - 1,02, VII - 1,00, rear - ?
2-speed transfer box
Differential ratio: 6,25 : 1
Frame: U-profile
Front suspension: leaf springs
Rear suspension: leaf springs
Hydraulic brakes on all wheels
Mechanic hand brakes on 4 rear wheels
Pritschenwagen: own: 3100kg, gross: 4600kg
Fernsprechbauwagen: own: 3300kg, gross: 4915kg
A-Wagen (sound listener): own: 3750kg, gross: 5470kg
Maximal speed: 60 km/h
Tyres: 6,00-20 inches, offroad, twin wheels on rear axles
Tyre pressures (atmospheres): ?
Fuel tank capacity: 75 + 50 Ltr.
Petrol consumption: 35 Ltr/100km (highway), 45 Ltr/100km (offroad)
Cooling system capacity: ? Ltr.
Gearbox oil carter capacity: ? Ltr.
Ford depth: 500mm

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