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27k WW2 photo of Büssing-NAG BN 9
Sd. Kfz. 6 (Sonder-Kraftfahrzeug 6); m. Zgkw. 5 to (mittlere Zugkraftwagen 5 ton)

Years of production: 1939-1943
Overall production: 687
5-ton half-track gun tractor
Sd. Kfz. 6 - 5 ton tractor for ponton trailer, brigde and common purpose pioneer equipment
Sd. Kfz. 6/1 - 5 ton tractor for 10,5 cm le. FH. 18 (light field howitzer)
26k WW2 photo of Büssing-NAG BN 9Sd. Kfz. 6/2 - self-propelled 3,7 cm anti-aircraft or 7,6 cm field gun
Length: 6325mm, width: 2260mm, height: 2500mm (with canvas)
Road clearance: 360mm
Front wheel track: 1825mm; toe-in: ? mm; camber: ?o; caster: ?o
Rear track: 1700mm
Chain: length: 9200mm; width: 320mm, driving front sprockets
46 steel 200-mm elements with rubber in every chain, on 1+6+1 wheels (these 6 in chess order)
Turning radius: 7,5 m
Engine: carburetter Maybach HL 54 TURKM 115hp/2600rpm, watercooled straight 6-cyl. slope valve OHC 4-stroke,
15k WW2 photo of Büssing-NAG BN 9 in Russia5420cc
Bore/Stroke: 100/115 mm
Pistons type and material: ?
Compression ratio: 6,33 : 1
Carburettor: one offroad two-stage Solex 40 IFF II
Carburettor data: ?
Electrics: 12V, battery capacity - 75 A*h
Generator type and power: ?; 130W
55k photo of early Büssing-NAG BN 9Starter type and power: ?, 1,8 hp
Spark plugs type: ?; ?mm; electrode clearance: ? mm
Clutch: dry twin plate
Clutch pedal clearance: ?mm
Gearbox: (4 front + 1 back) x 2-speed transfer box
Ratios: ?
36k WW2 photo of Büssing-NAG BN 9 in RussiaFrame: U-profile
Front suspension: transversal leaf spring
Rear suspension: ?
Air brakes on chain front sprockets
Steering: worm + hydralical (BN 9), mechanical (BN 9 b) brakes
Weight: 7500kg + 1500kg load; trailer weight: 5000 kg
Maximal speed: 50 km/h
Tyres: 210-18 inches, offroad
Tyre pressures (atmospheres):?
Fuel tank capacity: 190 Ltr.
Petrol consumption: 60 Ltr/100km (highway), 120 Ltr/100km (offroad)
Cooling system capacity: ? Ltr.
Gearbox oil carter capacity: ? L
Ford depth: 600mm

Photos and data are from:
Werner Oswald "Kraftfahrzeuge und Panzer der Reichwehr,Wehrmacht und Bundeswehr", 1982, Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart.
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