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1936-1941, American Bantam Car Company of Butler, Pennsylvania, USA.

1941 Bantam 65, Riviera convertible (9k photo)
1941 Bantam BRC40 (27k photo)
1940 Bantam 65, coupe (9k photo)
1940 Bantam Mk II, 2nd prototype (37k photo)
1940 Bantam Mk I (?), prototype (1 built) (24k photo) and rear view (98k photo)
1939 Bantam 62, coupe (21k), roadster (16k), pickup (14k)
1938 Bantam 60, pickup (20k) and panel van (14k)
1936-1937 Bantam 575
Civilian Bantam passenger car production:

Years 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 Cars under 500 ~3500 ~2000 1229 800 138

Photos are from:
Jacco van Snippenberg, the Netherlands, (author of Dutch Drab Domain),
Kruse International,
Trader Online,
Jan Szatan, Poland (Jeep historical homepage), Jan helped me very much, thanks!
Deals On Wheels,
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What else in the net:
American Austin & Bantam website (in English).
American Austin & Bantam (in English), page of Lynn James, the current president of the Pacific Bantam Austin Club (PBAC).

Thanks to Paul Seabury, England.
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