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1922 - 1940, 1948 - on, Aston Martin, Newport Pagnell, England.

Aston Martin 2-litre, 1936-1940, 4-cyl. - 1949cc - 98/110hp, 143 built:
Model 15/98 Long, 1937-1939, 50 built, 17k b/w 4-door sports saloon, 1938 tourer (21k) and 11k
Model 15/98 Short, 1937-1939, 75 built, 2/4-seater sports (1939), 16k and 13k photo, 2-str dhcpe
2-litre Speed Model, 1936-1938, 13 built, 2-seater sports (1938 Super Sports Ulster), 11k, 12k
2-litre C-type, 1939, 5 built, 18k b/w photo
Aston Martin 1,5-litre, Series III, 1934-1936, 4-cyl. - 1495cc - 73/85hp, 141 built:
Model Ulster Le Mans, 1934-1936, 24 built, 2-seater sports
Model Mk II Long, 1934-1936, 61 built, 2-door sports saloon (1935, 45k), 4-str. sprts (43k), dhc
Model Mk II Short, 1934-1936, 56 built, 2/4-seater sports, 17k b/w photo
Aston Martin 1,5-litre, Series II, 1932-1934, 4-cyl. - 1495cc - 70/60hp, 92 built:
Model 12/50 Standard, 1933-1934, 20 built, 4-door sports saloon (17k b/w), sports tourer
Model Le Mans, 1932-1934, 72 built, 2-seater sports (9k, 1933), 4-seater sports
Aston Martin 1,5-litre, Series I International, 1927-1932, 4-cyl.-1495cc-56hp, 93 made (1929-32):
open sports, 1931, 15k and 13k photo
open sports, 1930, 15k and 15k photo
Pre-1932 models:
1924 racing car factory-rebodied to boattail tourer in 1925, 36k and 46k photo
1922 racing car, 34k and 44k photo
Photos and data are from:
"A-Z of Cars of the 1930s" by M.Sedgwick & M.Gillies.
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Vintage Aston Martin For Private Sale.

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