Oldtimers picture gallery. Cars. Amilcar.
1921-1939, ? Société, ? ville, France.
(Since 1937 took over by Hotchkiss.)

Amilcar Compound, 1938-1939, 4-cyl. SV, 1185cc, 33-38hp, 681 built, 28k and 28k photo
Amilcar B-38 (is this another name of Compound?), 1938-?, ?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, 11k photo
Amilcar ? model, 1932, ?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, 38k and 36k photo
Amilcar CS8, 1931-1933, 8-cyl.OHC-2330cc-65hp, 350 built (incl. 1929-1930 C8) 42k, 35k chassis
Pre-1932 cars:
Amilcar M2, 1930, 4-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, 18k photo of Faux cabriolet
Amilcar CGSS, 1928, ?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, 39k and 25k photo
Amilcar Grand Sport CGS, 1928, 4-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, 33k photo
Amilcar MCO Competition Usine Grand Prix, 1927, 6-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, 21k and 25k photo
Amilcar CGS 3-pointe Bordino, 1926, ?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, 32k and 36k photo
Amilcar CGS, 1926, 4-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, 43k photo
Amilcar ? model, 1926, ?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, 5k photo
Amilcar CC sport skiff, 1922, ?-cyl., ?cc, ?hp, 46k and 40k photo
Photos and data are from:
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PreWarCar, this 1928 Amilcar CGSS is courtesy from this car owner Joris Bergsma, editor of "PreWarCar"
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Mr. Wayne Silvermann from Austin, Texas, USA.
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