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1906-on, Fabbrica Automobilli Lancia Cia, Torino, Italy.

Lancia Artena, 1931-1940-1942-?, V4-cyl. OHV - 1924cc - 51hp (before 1940 - 54hp)
1942 Lancia Artena cabriolet, 6k photo
1932 Lancia Artena long wheelbase by Pininfarina, 14k photo
1932 Lancia Artena cabriolet, 9k photo
Lancia Ardea, 1939-1942-?, ?-1949-1951, 4cyl. - 903cc - 28.8hp
1942 Lancia Ardea Tassi (taxi) Roma, 37k b/w photo
Lancia Astura, 1931-19??-1934-1936, 1937-1939, V8-cyl.-2972cc-82hp (before 1934 - 2604cc-72hp)
1939 Lancia Astura Ministeriale Convertible A Series by PininFarina, Mussolini car, 17k photo
1938 Lancia Astura Gran Lusso Convertible by Boneschi, 45k and 39k photo
1938 Lancia Astura Pininfarina short wheelbase, 13k photo
1938? Lancia Astura with Sodomka body, Czechoslovakia, 6k b/w photo.
1937 Lancia Astura with Mayfair Carriage body, 30k photo.
1937-1939 Lancia Astura series IV, 29k b/w photo
1936 Lancia Astura berline, car of Haile Selassie, the Emperor of Ethiopia, 15k photo
1936 Lancia Astura short wheelbase by Pininfarina, 32k and 35k photo
1936 Lancia Astura coupe by Pininfarina, 15k photo
1935 Lancia Astura roadster by Pininfarina, 8k and 25k photo
1934 Lancia Astura, 26k and 35k photo
Lancia Aprilia, 1937-1947-?, V4-cyl.OHC-1351,6cc-47hp, 30k photo, and 31k rear view
1938 Lancia Aprilia lusso berlina by Farina, 26k photo
Lancia Augusta, 1933-1937, V4-cyl.OHV-1196cc-35hp
1933 Lancia Augusta 1a serie berline, 51k photo, and 10k rear view
Lancia Dilambda, 1929-1935, V8-cyl.OHV-3960cc-?hp
1931 Lancia Dilambda, 61k photo, and 57k rear view
1930 Lancia Dilambda, 22k photo
Pre-1932 cars:
Lancia Lambda, 1923-1931, V4-cyl.OHV-2570cc-69hp (pre-1928: 2370cc-59hp, pre-1926: 2120cc-40hp)
1929 Lancia Lambda C.a.s.a.r.o. VIII serie 2-seater cabriolet, 13k photo
1928 Lancia Lambda VII serie, 6k and 4k rear view
1927 Lancia Lambda torpedo, 13k photo
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What else in the net:
Lancia Club Vincenzo (D-79395 Neuenburg, Germany), president - Frank Dehler.

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