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Lagonda 41/2-litre V12 Rapide,      1937-1940, V12cyl-4480cc-175hp, (56% of Lagonda in the UK in 1945), 16k image
Lagonda Rapier 10hp, 1935-1937, 4cyl-1104cc-46/60hp, (12.5% of Lagonda in the UK in 1945), 53k drawing
Lagonda 31/2-litre (LG45 series I), 1935-1936, 6cyl-3619cc-150hp, (12.5% of Lagonda in the UK in 1945), 31k image from HW1
Lagonda 16-80, 1933-1934, 6cyl-1991cc-68hp, 7k image from Concourse D'elegance,
Lagonda 41/2-litre 30hp (LG6 series IV), 1938-1939, 6cyl-4453cc-150hp,
Lagonda 41/2-litre 30hp (Rapide M45), 1934, 6cyl-4453cc-140hp,
Lagonda 3-litre, 1929-1933, 6cyl-2931/3181cc,
Lagonda 41/2-litre 30hp (LG45 series II), 1936, 6cyl-4453cc-140hp,
Lagonda 41/2-litre 30hp (LG45 series III), 1936, 6cyl-4453cc-150hp,
Lagonda Le Mans V12, 1938-1939, V12cyl-4480cc-225hp
1938 Lagonda ?, 12k image

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