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17k photo of 1965 Jawa 250 typ 559
Jawa 250 typ 559

Years of production: 1962 - 1967?
Overall production: ? units
Engine: 14hp/5000rpm, single 2-stroke, 248,5cc
Bore/Stroke: 65/75 mm
Length: 1980mm, width: 650mm, height: 1025mm
Wheelbase: 1335...1355 mm
Gearbox: 4 speed
Weight: 128 kg
Maximal speed: 105 km/h
12k photo of 1962 Jawa 250 typ 559Tyres: 3,50x16 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 13,5 L
Fuel consumption: 3,2 L/100km under 60 km/h
More data are here (25k, in Russian). This information from the book "Motocykly Jawa", V.A.Sovkov, Leningrad, "Mashinostrojenije", 1968. It was kindly sent by Wladimir Antipow (Moscow).
Photos are from:
Motorrad Markt magazine, Germany,
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