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1909-1942, 1946-1957 Hudson Motor Car Co., Detroit, Michigan, USA
1942 Hudson Traveler, Deluxe, Super, Commodore Six, Commodore Eight, Commodore Custom Eight
1941 Hudson Commodore Eight, 10k photo of 4-door Sedan from Chicago Car Exchange, Inc.
1939 Hudson, 25k image of 4-door Sedan from MS Webmasters
1939 Hudson, 32k image of Convertible from Specialcar Magazine
1938 Hudson Six, 11k b/w photo of Coupe from Trader Online
1937 Hudson 74 DeLuxe, 16k image of Business Coupe from Specialcar Magazine
1937 Hudson Custom Eight, 14k image of Touring Sedan
1937 Hudson, 11k rear image of Coupe
1937 Hudson 77 Custom Eight, 10k image of 4-door Sedan from Kruse International
1937 Hudson, 29k image of 4-door Sedan from Net-A-Car
1935 Hudson Custom Eight, 15k image of 4-door Sedan from Specialcar Magazine
1935 Hudson Custom Eight, 6k image of 4-door LongWheelBase Sedan from Kruse International
1933 Hudson Pacemaker Eight, 15k photo of 3-window Coupe from Kruse International
1932 Hudson Greater Eight, 18k image of Special Sport Coupe from Kruse International
1931 Hudson Great Eight, 59k photo of 4-door Sedan from Classic Avenue
1930 Hudson Great Eight, 29k photo of Rumbleseat Sport Coupe from Trader Online
1929 Hudson, 18k photo of 4-door Sedan from Deals On Wheels
1928 Hudson S, 25k photo of 4-door Sedan
1927 Hudson, 34k photo of Huckster from Deals On Wheels
1926 Hudson, 45k photo of 4-door aluminium body Sedan
1925 Hudson, 23k photo of 4-door Sedan from eBay
1924 Hudson Super Six, 27k photo of 4-door Sedan from Country Classic Cars
1917 Hudson, 16k image of 4-door Touring from Kruse International
1916 Hudson, 30k image of Touring from Kruse International
1912 Hudson 33, 15k image of Touring from Kruse International
1911 Hudson 33, 13k photo courtesy of Francisco Valenzuela, (www.autosdecoleccion.cl), Chile.
Hudson passenger cars production:

Years 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 Cars 7777 2852 27054 21020 26347 20464 50270 81521 87915 91769 40661

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