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1904-1944, La Hispano-Suiza, Barcelona, Spain.

There were two Hispano-Suiza producers, - in Spain and in France (StÚ. Franšaise Hispano-Suiza, Bois-Colombes, Seine). I apologize in advance if you will recognize French cars on this page, - I'm not a specialist in them. Please let me know about my mistakes.
Hispano-Suiza H6B, 1939, 28k photo (body by Franay, Paris) from The Highway One Classic
Hispano-Suiza T49 Barcelona, 1930-1936, 6cyl-4581cc-?hp, ?built, 26k b/w photo
Hispano-Suiza T60L, 1934-19??, 6cyl-3,4L-?hp, ?built
Hispano-Suiza T60, 1932-1934, 6cyl-3016cc-?hp, ?built, 25k b/w photo
Hispano-Suiza H6C, 1934, 30k photo (body by Fiol) from Classic Car Collection
Hispano-Suiza T48, 1924-1933, 4cyl-2497cc-60hp, ?built
Pre-1932 cars:
Hispano-Suiza 8/10 CV - T24, 1914-1922, 63k b/w, courtesy of Tino Prat, Barcelona, Spain.
Hispano-Suiza 12HP, 1910, 40k photo of victoria by J.Rothschild from Classic Car Collection
2 b/w photos are from the book "A-Z of Cars of the 1930s" by M.Sedgwick & M.Gillies.
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