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1905 - 1943 - ?, ? - 1945 - 1959?, France (only pre-1945 here).
Latil H4TL9, 1945-1949, artillery tractor
Latil TL7, 1942-1943, 4x4 tractor, 36k b/w photo of railroad Latil TL7-RR
Latil M2B3, 1935-1942, 4x2 2,5-ton truck, 27k and 38k b/w WW2 photos
Latil M2TZ, 1935-1942, 6x6 tractor, 32k b/w photo
Latil FTARH, 1937-1942, 4x4 tractor for 20-ton trailing weight, 14k and 43k WW2 photos
Latil B1, 4x2 2-ton truck, late 1930's, 27k and 27k b/w WW2 photos
Latil TL6, 1935-1940, artillery tractor, 34k WW2 photo
Latil M7Z1, 1939-1940, 6x6 tractor, 31k b/w photo
Latil TARH, 1932-1939, artillery tractor
Latil M1B, 1934-1939, 4x2 1,2-ton truck, 27k advertising
Latil H1B6, 1934-1939, 4x2 3,5-ton truck, 26k b/w photo
Latil M3AB3, 1936-1939, 4x2 cabover bus
Latil H1A1B4T, 1939-?, ?-1948, 4x2 cabover semitrailer
Latil M4TX, 1939, 8-wheel tractor
Latil KTL, 1929-1938, road tractor, 56k b/w photo
Latil V3AB3, 1933-1938, 4x2 35- or 45-place bus, 9k advertising
Latil GPB3, 1931-1937, 4x2 ?-ton medium truck
Latil M1B1, 1934-1937, 4x2 2-ton truck, 59k b/w WW2 photo, Nevel, Russia
Latil JTL, 1928-1936, road tractor, 38k b/w photo, 24k photo and 70k photo
Latil B5, 1927-1936, 4x2 5-ton truck
Latil AMD, 1934-1935, army armoured car
Latil GPB2, 1931-1935, 4x2 3-ton truck
Latil SPB3T, 1931-1934, 4x2 ?-ton road tractor
Latil Y10, 1932-1934, 6x2 ?-ton heavy truck
Latil NTP, 1924-1933, 4x2 5-ton truck
Latil TAR5, 1931-1933, artillery tractor
Latil PB10, 1932-1933, 4x2 ?-ton heavy truck
Latil B, 1923-1930, 4x2 1,5-ton truck, 33k photo (see many photos below)
Latil TAR4, 1928-1930, artillery tractor, 35k photo
Latil TAR, 1913-1922, artillery tractor, 36k WW2 photo (main tractor of french army in 1940)
Latil NP, 4x2 4-ton truck, 77k 1926 b/w photo from Frank Nieuwenhuis, Luxembourg.
Who can help?:
Latil ? model, 24k and 26k photos from Juha Turman, Finland. (Juha's Latil page)

173 Latil factory photos of their 1920's automobiles:
Stake body (horse moving?) truck of "Dreyfus Fréres Villers-Cotterets", 33k photo, 32k photo and 28k photo
Bus of "Hotel Bellevue", 31k photo, 30k photo and 45k photo
Small bus, 28k photo
Truck of "The City Bakeries Ltd., Glasgow" with British number plate GB 7261, look at tyres, 39k, 33k photo, 39k photo
Military ambulance "Ayuntamiento De Madrid", 48k photo, 62k photo and 75k photo
Basket body truck, 31k photo
(Horse moving?) truck, 42k photo
Small bus, 32k photo and 23k photo
Military truck, registration number 70538, 32k photo, 36k photo, 32k photo, 35k photo and 57k photo of these trucks row
Fourgon of "Hachette Messageries de Journaux", 43k photo
Horse moving truck on chassis type B, 32k photo
Limousine, 36k photo, 45k photo and 40k photo
Semitractor with side-dumper semitrailer, 36k photo
Boattail berline car, 26k photo, 26k photo and 30k photo
Bus of "Hotel Du Louvre Et De La Marine", number plate 642-Y-53, 27k photo and 35k photo
Express delivery truck of "H. Wilson & Co., Fabriek van Limonade Siropen en Gaseuze Dranken, Den Haag", 31k photo
Small char-a-bant bus of "Cte. Generale d'Enterprises Automobiles", 36k photo
Small bus of "Cte. Generale d'Enterprises Automobiles", 40k photo
Small open bus of "Cte. Generale d'Enterprises Automobiles", number plate 8823-U1, 38k photo and 34k photo
Small bus of "Cte. Generale d'Enterprises Automobiles", 26k photo
Canopy express of "Raccords Suisses", 31k photo and 23k photo
Fourgon of "Boell-Metzger "Le Cinemeuble"", 33k photo
Flat bed truck, 29k photo
Open bus with wicker body, 31k photo and 25k photo
Small char-a-bant bus, 32k photo
Fourgon of "Mc.Vitie & Price Biscuits and cakes", 28k photo, 39k photo and 33k photo
Fourgon of "Nestle", 26k photo and 32k photo
Hearse, 35k photo and 36k photo
Fourgon, 27k photo
Fourgon of "Le Quotidien, Va Droit Son Chemin", 31k photo and 25k photo
Bus of "Grand Hotel ... C...m...ez", 31k photo
Horse fourgon, 24k photo, 35k photo and 29k photo
Bus of "Hotel Regina Bernascon", 30k photo, 32k photo and 33k photo, presumably this interior belongs to this bus
Small char-a-bant bus, 27k photo, 26k photo and 55k photo
Fourgon of "J. Splingard", 25k photo
Fourgon of "Aux Galeries LaFayette de Paris, Nice", number plate 6834-I2, 45k photo and 26k photo
Truck with C-type cab, 30k photo
Fourgon of "Grands Magasins De La Samaritaine", 27k photo and 29k photo
Truck with unknown purpose body, 31k photo
Tractor of "C.I.C", 38k photo
Fourgon of "Chocolat Menier", 42k photo
Fourgon of "Alcool de Menthe de Ricqlés", 31k photo
Tour de France' 1929 truck, 32k photo
(Horse moving?) truck, 31k photo
Fourgon of "La Noveauté Francaise Aubrun", 30k photo
Semitractor with agricultural semitrailer, 32k photo
Truck of "L'Huile Oui S'Impose Kervoline Pour Autos", 35k photo
Fourgon of "Flor", 29k photo
Fourgon of "Oury Pianos, Niel", number plate 9171-U1, 32k photo and 27k photo
Semitractor with back-dumper semitrailer "Latil", 33k photo and 38k photo
Bus of "Hotel Continental", 34k photo and 38k photo
Canopy express, 32k photo
Small bus, 25k photo and 30k photo
Truck of "Chauffage Gandillot", 29k photo
Small bus, 25k photo
Small open bus, 26k photo
Ambulance "... Hospitalier de Gerardmer", 35k photo
Truck of "A. Perrichon, Entrepot de Tabacs de Versailles", 35k photo
Fourgon of "Literie Cochin, Paris", 29k photo
Fourgon of "Phoscao", 22k photo
Fourgon of "Magasins Réunis", 30k photo
Small bus, 31k photo and 31k photo
Small bus, 25k photo
Truck of "Orfèvrerie Christofle", 34k photo
City line bus "O.Z." (Omnibus Zürich?), 40k photo
Small bus of "Grand Hotel Cabourg" (Normandy), 30k photo
Fourgon of "Fabrique de Biscuits Huntley & Palmers, La Corneuve, Seine", 41k photo
Small char-a-bant bus, 29k photo
Tractor chassis, 24k photo and 26k photo
Truck chassis, 34k photo
Tractor with anti-dirt wheels, 42k photo
Truck chassis, 25k photo
Truck chassis, 42k photo and 30k photo
Tractor with anti-dirt wheels and trailer, 17k photo and 23k photo
Tractor with anti-dirt wheels, number plate 245-W1, 47k photo and 41k photo
Semi-tractor with anti-dirt wheels and semi-trailer, 21k photo and 32k photo
Set of spare parts?, 21k photo and 26k photo
Tractor with agricultural field wheels, 45k photo and 35k photo
Similar or the same tractor with highway wheels, 29k photo and 33k photo
Tractor with anti-dirt wheels towing gun, 37k photo and 38k photo
Tractor with number plate 6945-F2, towing unit, 47k photo
Semi-tractor with anti-dirt wheels and semi-trailer, 32k photo
Timber loading to semi-trailer, 44k photo
Engine unit, 19k photo and 25k photo
Engine unit, 27k photo and 31k photo
Heavy artillery tractor, 35k photo
Anti-dirt wheel, 24k photo
Agricultural field wheel, 25k photo
Tractors at different field tests, 42k photo (tractor's number plate 7813-I3), 40k photo, 39k photo, 49k photo, 49k photo, 34k photo, 54k photo, 42k photo, 56k photo, 52k photo, 35k photo, 40k photo, 45k photo, 68k photo, 38k photo, 42k photo, 42k photo, 35k photo, 40k photo, 62k photo, 62k photo, 38k photo, 29k photo, 39k photo, 45k photo, 52k photo, 62k photo, 49k photo, 39k photo, 46k photo, 54k photo, 42k photo and 69k photo.

What else in the net:
Juha's Latil page of Juha Turman, Finland.
AvantTrainLatil (in french).

Photos are from:
Omar Facelli (Montevideo, Uruguay).
eBay Deutschland.
Bart Vanderveen's book "Historic Military Vehicles Directory", "After the Battle" publication, 1989.
Reinhard Frank's book "Lastkraftwagen der Wehrmacht", PODZUN-PALLAS, 1992.
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