Oldtimer picture gallery. Trucks. Citroën.
?-1923-on, 194SA André Citroën, Paris, France.

Citroën Type 23, 1935-1944
Citroën Type 45, ?-1941-1944, 66k photo courtesy of Denis Orlov, Moscow.
Citroën Type C4G, 1933, pickup, 13k, 9k and 8k photo
Citroën Type C4, 1932, 26k photo of 0,5-ton van restored by MecAction, France.
Pre-1932 commercial Citroëns:
Citroën Type C4, 1930, van, 8k and 10k photo
Citroën Type AC4, 1930, 1-ton firetruck, 14k photo
Citroën Type AC4, 1929, pickup, 44k photo
Citroën Type AC4, 1929, pickup, 6k photo
Citroën Type AC4, 1927, pickup, 15k photo
Citroën Six (Type P6?), 1927(?), half-track Kégresse chassis, 57k photo (in Tirol)
Citroën Type B2, 1925, pickup, 63k photo courtesy of the owner - Frans Meeuws (the Netherlands)
Citroën Type P6, 1924, half-track Kégresse chassis, 12k and 9k photo
Citroën Type C3, 1924, fourgon, 12k photo
Photos are from:
MecAction, France.
Vintage Web, the Netherlands.
Oldtimer Galerie, Germany.
Mobile.de, Germany.
Private Oldtimer Sammlung, Germany.
eBay Deutschland.

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