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88k 1963-64 photo of GAZ-93, 3rd series, Estonia75k 1963-64 photo of GAZ-93, 3rd series, Estonia68k 1963-64 photo of GAZ-93, 3rd series, Estonia

Years of production:
1948 - 1949 - 1957 - 1975.
Overall production: ? units
4x2 2-ton dump-truck
70hp/2800rpm (with regulator), 6-cyl, 3485cc
Bore/Stroke: 82/110 mm
66k photo of GAZ-93, 1st series, 1948-4944k photo of GAZ-93, 3rd series, LatviaGAZ-93, 1st series, 1948-49Length: 5240mm, width: 2090mm,
height: 2130mm
Wheelbase: 3300mm
Road clearance: 245mm
Gearbox: 4-speed + back
Weight: 3000 kg unloaded, fuelled
Maximal speed: 70 km/h
36k photo of GAZ-93M, garbage truck, TulaGAZ-93, 2nd series, 1949-1957Tyres: 7,50-20 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 90 Ltr.
Fuel consumption: 20 Ltr./100km

Photos are from: Liucijus Suslavičius (Vilnius), automobile historian and author of numerous publications.
Valdo Praust (Estonia) upper three 1963-1964 photos from album of kolhoz "9 maja" (Estonia, Paide district).
Denis Orlov (Moscow), automobile journalist and historian.
Mihajil Gotesman (GAZ-21 Real, Tula).
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