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1959, GAZ-53F on Soviet Economical Achievements Exibition in Moscow
(Data for GAZ-53, GAZ-53F has been supplied with engine from old GAZ-51)
Years of production: 1961 - 1966 (GAZ-53F), 1964 - 1965 (GAZ-53), 1965 - 1991? (GAZ-53A).
Overall production: ? units
4x2 3.5-ton truck (GAZ-53A - 4-ton truck)
Engine: ZMZ-53; 115hp/3200rpm, V8-cyl, 4254cc
Bore/Stroke: 92/80 mm
Length: 6395mm, width: 2380mm, height: 2200mm
Wheelbase: 3700mm, clearance: 265mm
Gearbox: 4 speeds with synchronizers of III and IV speeds
Weight: 3250 kg unloaded, fuelled
Maximal speed: 80 km/h
Tyres: 8.25-20 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 90 L
Fuel consumption: 24 L/100km under 30-40 km/h
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