Oldtimer picture gallery. Cars. Franklin.
1901-1934, Franklin Automobile Co., Syracuse, New York, USA.

1934 Franklin 19-A, 13k photo of Franklin 19-A Supercharged Airman from Chicago Vintage Motor Carriage, L.L.C.
1932 Franklin 17 Supercharged Twelve, 12k image of 7-passenger Touring Sedan from Kruse International
1931 Franklin, 9k photo from Hemmings Motor News
1930 Franklin Pursuit dual cowl phaeton, 91k photo from Kruse International
1929 Franklin 135 4-door 6-light Sedan, 34k, 26k rearview, 25k and 23k interior images from Net-A-Car
1929 Franklin 2-door Sedan, 28k image from Kruse International
1929 Franklin 135 4-door 4-light Sedan, 23k image from Net-A-Car
1929 Franklin Six De Luxe Roadster, 5k image from Kruse International
1928 Franklin 12B 4-door sedan, 19k photo
1927 Franklin 11B Roadster, 18k image from Kruse International
1926 Franklin 4-door sedan, 45k image from Deals On Wheels and 22k and 18k images from Net-A-Car
1925 Franklin 10C 4-door touring sedan, 48k photo from eBay
1924 Franklin Six 4-door sedan, 20k image from Affordable VIP Classics
1923 Franklin Six 4-door touring, 15k photo from The Auto Collections
1921 Franklin 9B, 49k photo of touring from Excite Classifieds
1920 Franklin, 21k photo from Affordable VIP Classics
1917 Franklin Six 5-passenger Touring, 13k image from Kruse International
Franklin passenger car production (estimated, from the "Encyclopedia of American cars"):

Years 1932 1933 1934 Cars 1900 1487 406

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