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London, Great Britain.

Bentley 31/2-litre, 1933-1936, 6cyl-3669cc-105hp, 45k image (1935) from Specialcar Magazine,
Bentley 41/2-litre, 1936-1939, 6cyl-4257cc-?hp, 42k image (1937) from Specialcar Magazine, + another 92k 1936 41/2-litre
    1936 Park Ward drop-head coupe, 24k, 1936 Kellner coupe, 50k, from Specialcar Magazine,
    1936 London Motor Show car by Barker, 21k, 1936 Park Ward saloon, 12k b/w, from "Classic Cars" Magazine, GB,
    1937 Gurney Nutting pillarless coupe, 5k, 1937 Erdmann & Rossi (Berlin), 12k, from Classic Auto Network,
    1937 H.J.Mulliner saloon, 24k b/w, from "Classic Cars" Magazine, GB,
    1938 Pourtout coupe, 15k and 66k from BAhR, 1938 Worblaufen drop-head coupe (Swiss), 16k
Bentley Mk V, 1940-1941, 6cyl-4257cc-?hp, 99k picture from "Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia.

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