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Vauxhall Motors, UK
Bedford OY, ?-1941-?, 4x2 3-ton truck, 72385 delivered in WW2, 62k photo
Bedford MW, 1939-1945, 4x2 15-cwt (about 3/4-ton) truck, about 66000 built, 91k photo
Bedford QL, ?-1941-?, 4x4 3-ton truck, about 52250 built, 75k photo
Bedford ML, 1939-1940, 4x2 2-ton truck, about 400 built
Bedford MSC, 193?-1940, 4x2 short wheelbase 30-cwt (1,5-ton) truck, ? built, 62k photo
Bedford OX, 1939-1943-?, 4x2 30-cwt (about 11/2-ton) truck, ? built, 36k sketch.
Bedford OS tipper, 1939-?, ? built, 18k photo
Bedford HC, ?-1939-?, ? built
Bedford JC, ?-1939-?, ? built
Bedford K, ?-1939-?, ? built
Bedford OL, ?-1939-?, ? built
Bedford OW, ?-? years, 4x2 5-ton truck, ? built.
Bedford W, ?-1938-?, 3-ton, ? built, 23k photo
Bedford ASXC, ?-1936-?, ? built
Bedford BXC, ?-1936-?, ? built
Bedford ? model van, 193?, ? built, 10k photo
Bedford ? model, 193?, ? built, 21k photo
Bedford ? model, 193?, ? built, 7k photo
Bedford Traclat, ? year, halftrack, German Wehrmacht Sd.Kfz. inspired tractor, ? built.
Photos are from:
Jan Szatan, Poland (homepage)
Svenska Vauxhall Registret (in Swedish/English).

What else in the net:
Svenska Vauxhall Registret (in Swedish/English).
Vauxhall-Bedford Klub Danmark (in Danish).

Thanks for corrections to Clive Smith, WWII vehicles enthusiast from the United Kingdom.
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