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29k photo of Autocar U4144 of Jeff McVey40k photo of engine of Autocar U4144 of Jeff McVey
Autocar U4144 with Heil L-1 660 gallons oil servicing body

Year of production: 1941
4x4 21/2-ton Heil L-1 aircraft 660-gallon Oil Servicing truck
Overall production: 138
Engine: Autocar 84hp/?rpm, petrol 6-cyl SV, 358 cu.in.
Bore/Stroke: ?/? mm
Length: ? in., width: ? in., height: ? in.
Wheelbase: ? in.
Clearance: ? inches
Electrics: ?V
Gearbox: 5 speeds + 1 rear, 2-speed transfer box with front axle declutch.
11k photo of Autocar U4144 of Jeff McVey31k photo of Autocar U4144 of Jeff McVeyClutch: ?
Air brakes
Front axle: on leaf springs
Rear axle: on leaf springs
Weight: ? lb
Maximal speed: ? km/h
Tyres: 9,00-20 inches
Fuel tank capacity: ? gallons
Fuel consumption: ? L/100km
Photos are from Jeffrey McVey, the owner of this nice truck from Boise, Idaho, U.S.A..
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