Oldtimer picture gallery. Cars. Auburn.
1900-1937, Auburn Automobile Co., Auburn, Indiana, USA.

1937 Auburn
1936 Auburn, 32k photo of Series 852 Phaeton from Kruse International,
1935 Auburn, 18k photo of Series 851 Custom Coupe from Kruse International,
1934 Auburn, 15k photo of Series 850Y Convertible Sedan,
1933 Auburn, 25k photo of Series Eight 2-door Coupe from Kruse International,
1932 Auburn, 30k photo of Series Eight Rumbleseat Convertible Coupe from Kruse International,
1931 Auburn, 28k photo of Series 8-98 Boattail Speedster from Kruse International,
1930 Auburn, 45k photo from Autoroad,
1929 Auburn, 20k photo of Series 120 Phaeton from Kruse International,
1928 Auburn, 18k photo of Series Eight Boattail Speedster from Kruse International,
1919 Auburn, 41k photo of Series Six Touring from Kruse International.
Auburn passenger car production:

Years 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 Cars 8027 5536 ???? 1848 ???? (Total 1935-1937: 7160)

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