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36k photo of 1938 Adler-Trumpf-Junior 2-door Limousine38k photo of 1935 Adler-Trumpf 1G Ambi Budd 2-door Cabriolimousine of Rein van der Mast35k photo of 1938 Adler-Trumpf-Junior 2-door Limousine, speedometer
(Data for 1E model)
Years of production: 1934-1936-1938-1941(1G before mid-1936, 1E after mid-1936)
Overall production: 78.693 (23.013 "1G" + 55.680 "1E") (by Ir. Grasmann)
Body types: 2-door (more often) and 4-door limousines, cabriolet, cabrio-limousine, tourer, 2-seater sports (V-screen and cycle wheels).
This is front wheel drive car.
Engine: 25hp/4000rpm (sports - 28hp), 4-cyl, 4-stroke SV, 995cc
Bore/Stroke: 65/75 mm
Length: 4250mm, width: 1470mm, height: 1520mm
Wheelbase: 2630mm
11k image of 1939 Adler-Trumpf-Junior AS 2-door Limousine53k photo of 1938 Adler-Trumpf-Junior 2-door Limousine, engine38k photo of 1937 Adler-Trumpf-Junior 2-door Limousine by Ambi Budd Presswerke, Berlin, dashboardGearbox: 4 speeds + rear (1E had semi-synchronized 3rd and 4th gears)
Weight: 800-920 kg
Maximal speed: 90 km/h
Tyres: 4,50-17 inches (since 1938 perforated wheels and 5,00-16 inches tyres)
Fuel tank capacity: 26+4 L
Fuel consumption: 8-9 L/100km
Price: ?
'Adler' (eagle) on the front mask till mid-1937 with head to the left and after that - to the right!
1934 and 1935 models with Karmann bodywork: steep 'tail'.
1E model had vertical (=modern) instead of horizontal shifting pattern and bigger frontbrakes.
Photos are from:
33k image of 1936 Adler-Trumpf-Junior roadster34k photo of 1937 Adler-Trumpf-Junior cabriolet70k image of Adler-Trumpf-Junior sport-cabrioletVintage Web,
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32k photo of 1937 Adler-Trumpf-Junior 2-door Limousine by Ambi Budd Presswerke, Berlin18k photo of 1938 Adler-Trumpf-Junior 2-door Cabriolimousine55k photo of 1938 Adler-Trumpf-Junior 2-door LimousineAndrey Sidorenko, Kiev,
Classic Car Collection,
Michael's ADLER Seite,
Veteran Bazar & Museum.
Data are from J.A.Halfan's 1948 "Foreign cars description", Moscow, and "Za Ruljom" magazine, USSR,
Thanks for help to Rein van der Mast, owner of pictured 1935 Adler Trumpf 1G Ambi Budd Cabrio-Limousine (Adler Club Nederland).

36k photo of 1935 Adler-Trumpf-Junior Sport49k image of 1934 Adler-Trumpf-Junior 1G32k image of Adler-Trumpf-Junior Sport-Cabriolet

12k image of Adler-Trumpf-Junior 2-door Cabriolimousine12k image of Adler-Trumpf-Junior 4-door Cabriolet82k image of 1936 Adler-Trumpf-Junior 1E, 2-seater cabriolet by Bühne

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