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31k WW2 photo of Renault AGK of Wehrmacht, Falkenburg Bahnhof
Renault AGK

Years of production: 1937 - 1939 or 1940
Overall production: ? units
4x2 frontmotor rear wheeldrive 6-ton cab over engine truck
Engine: "Renault 441", 85hp/?rpm, straight 4-cyl. petrol SV, 5841cc
Bore/Stroke: ?/? inches
Compression ratio: ? : 1
23k WW2 photo of Renault AGK of Wehrmacht, Falkenburg BahnhofLength: 7330mm; width: 2400mm; height (cab): 2650mm
Wheelbase: 4000mm
Road clearance: ?
Electrics: ? Volt
Carburetter: ?
Gearbox: 4 forward + 1 back
Clutch: ?
Suspension: leaf springs
Mechanical brakes with servo assistance
Weight: approximately 4500 kg
Maximal speed: ? km/h
Tyres: 270x24 inches
Fuel tank capacity: ? Ltr.
Fuel consumption: ? Ltr./100km

Photos and data are from:
Bart Vanderveen's book "Historic Military Vehicles Directory", An After the Battle publication, 1989,
eBay Deutschland.
Thanks for help to Jan Szatan, Poland (homepage).
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