Oldtimer picture gallery. Trucks. Dodge 3/4.
Oldtimer picture gallery. Cars. Dodge 3/4.

22k photo of 1942 Dodge WC56 with SCR-193 radio, radio27k photo of 1942 Dodge WC56 with SCR-193 radio23k photo of 1942 Dodge WC56 with SCR-193 radio, rear box
Dodge T214 (WC51 ... WC61, WC64)

Years of production: 1942-1945
Overall production: over 253.000 units
4x4 allwheeldrive frontmotor 3/4-ton car
or truck
Body modifications (WC goes for Weapon Carrier, 2,5-ton winch on some models):
WC51, open-cab Pickup without winch (1942 - 1945, at least 98296 built, from late 1944 -
slightly different body)
WC52, open-cab Pickup with winch, (1942 - 1945, at least 42782 built, from late 1944 - slightly different body)
WC53, Carryall without winch (1942 - 1943, 8402 built, also experimental Command Field Sedan with rear side doors and
37k photo of 1942 Dodge WC5622k photo of 1942 Dodge WC56 with SCR-193 radio, dashboard13k photo of 1944 Dodge WC51other changes)
WC54, Ambulance without winch (1942
- 1944, at least 29932 built)
WC55, Gun Motor Carriage with winch
(1942 - ?, at least 5380 built)
WC56, Command Reconnaissance
without winch (1942 - 1944, at least
28635 built)
WC57, Command Reconnaissance with winch (1942 - 1944, at least 6010 built)
12k photo of 1944 Dodge WC5136k photo of Dodge WC5136k photo of 1944 Dodge WC64WC58, Command Reconnaissance Radio
with winch (1942 - ?, at least 2344 built)
WC59/K50, Telephone Maintenance
without winch (1942 - ?, at least 549
WC60, open-cab Emergency Repair
without winch (1942 - 1943 - ?, at least 296 built)
WC61/K50B, Telephone Maintenance (? - ?, ? built)
52k photo of Dodge WC5434k photo of 1942 Dodge WC5361k photo of Dodge WC56WC64, Knock Down Ambulance without
winch (1944 - 1945, 3500 built)
Engine: own T214 92hp/3200rpm, liquid
cooling straight 6 - cyl SV, 230,2 cid
(3771 cm3)
Bore/Stroke: ?/? mm
Compression ratio: ? : 1
39k photo of Dodge WC5233k photo of 1942 Dodge WC5323k photo of 1944 Dodge WC57(for some models I didn't find any data)
Length: 4235 mm, width: 2120 mm,
height: 1870 mm without canvas (WC51)
Length: 176 in, width: 79 in, height: 81 in
(4470 x 2007 x 2057 mm) (WC57)
Length: 186 in, width: 79 in, height: 80 in
(4724 x 2007 x 2032 mm) (WC53)
Length: 191 in, width: 83 in, height: 90 in (4851 x 2108 x 2032 mm) (WC64)
64k photo of Dodge WC5742k photo of 1944 Dodge WC5231k photo of 1945 Dodge WC52Length: 194 in, width: 78 in, height: 90 in
(4928 x 1981 x 2286 mm) (WC54)
Wheelbases: 98 inches (2489mm)
(WC53 - 114 inches (2896mm); WC54,
WC59, WC60, WC61, WC64 - 121
inches (3073mm))
Road clearance: 10,5 in (267mm)
Front wheel track: 1670 mm (WC51)
18k photo of 1942 Dodge WC56 with SCR-193 radio, radio31k photo of 1944 Dodge WC51, late model42k photo of 1942 Dodge WC55Rear track: 1650 mm (WC51)
6 Volt electrics (12 Volt on 1945 models
and all WC53, WC56, WC57, WC58)
Carburettor: ?
Gearbox: 4 speed + back
Single speed transfer box with front axle
Clutch: dry plate
96k photo of Dodge WC53 with winch (?!)21k photo of 1942 Dodge WC56 with SCR-193 radio20k photo of Dodge WC60Hydraulic brakes
Rigid axles with semi-elliptic leaf springs
Axle gear ratio: 5,83 : 1
Weight: 2315kg (WC51), 5675lb
(WC57), 5750 lb (WC53), 5920 lb
(2738 kg, WC54), 6880 lb (3121kg, WC64)
Maximum trailed load (road/cross country): ? lb
34k photo of 1944 Dodge WC5224k photo of 1942 Dodge WC5820k photo of 1942 Dodge WC56 with SCR-193 radioMaximal speed: 86,8 km/h (highway,
WC51), 85 km/h (WC54)
Disassemblable wheel disks
Tyres: 9,00x16 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 30 gallon
Fuel consumption: 28,5 L/100km (highway, WC51), 28 L/100km (WC54)
T214 Model Identification and Specification Chart (167kByte).
16k photo of Dodge WC5948k photo of Dodge WC54 of Czechoslovakian army79k photo of Dodge WC56 with Bantam trailerWeak point - cross member under the front part of the engine. Dodge-3/4 is may be the best automobile of WW2.
Photos and data are from (thanks a lot to these people!):
Militär Fordons Historiska Föreningen, Sweden,
Pat De Moss (Kokomo, Indiana, USA),
Bart Vanderveen's book "Historic Military Vehicles Directory", An After the Battle publication, 1989,
Jan Szatan, Poland (homepage),
Military Vehicles Sales & Appraisal Service,
"Svet Motoru" magazine, Czechoslovakia.
If I didn't mention anybody's authorship, please let me know, - sometimes photos arrive through 3rd hands.
You are welcome to write me by E-mail Contact. Andrei Bogomolov.
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